Poisoning with mushrooms

The section on poisoning with mushrooms - from apparently poisonous like pale toadstool and fly agaric and to a sort of harmless edible mushrooms, such as mushrooms and honey agarics. Description of symptoms, signs, what to do if someone has poisoned with fungi, how to provide first aid at home, what treatment is needed.

Poisoning with whitish whitish and waxy - symptoms, help, treatment.

Through how many the first signs of poisoning from different types of fungi come.

Signs of the presence of botulism in canned mushrooms, how to avoid poisoning.

Symptoms and signs of poisoning with poisonous mushrooms, treatment, consequences.

Whether it is possible to poison with bitter, what thus will be signs and treatment.

For what reasons can poisoning with white mushrooms, symptoms and treatment occur.

When it is possible to poison the mushrooms with chanterelles: symptoms, first aid and treatment.

How to distinguish pale toadstool, poisoning symptoms, pre-medical help.

What toxins contain fly agarics, symptoms of poisoning, help and treatment.

Poisoning edible mushrooms in the modern world is not so rare.

Mushrooms are conditionally edible mushrooms and they can be poisoned.

Is it possible to poison the mushrooms collected in the forest and bought in the store.