Are mosquito records harmful?

укусы насекомых A quiet and peaceful night is what our man needs in the morning to feel rested, vigorous and full of strength. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve the desired result, if all the time overcomes a flock of buzzing insects. Starting from the warm spring and until late autumn, mosquitoes, midges and other small arthropods do not allow to sleep peacefully. It is good that another human invention comes to the rescue - a repellent.

As manufacturers say just 30 minutes of work and insects will not remain a trace. But many are worried about other questions: are the plates harmful to mosquitoes? How safe are they for human health? Now we will try to answer them.

Composition of mosquito plates

It is not enough to read the chemical composition of the mosquito plate, you still need to understand the meaning of each of these substances and what effect it has. Depending on the manufacturer and type of mosquito repellent, the following substances can be found:

состав пластинок от комаров

  1. Esbiotrin (allethrin). A substance used in everyday life to combat flying and crawling insects. Under various names is part of the plates from arthropods. How do mosquito plates with this stuffing work? The effect of the drug is subject to sodium channels of the nervous system, in which the nerve conduction is gradually disrupted. Work of a nerve, then and muscular system of a mosquito changes. The following processes take place alternately: immediately the insect is hyperactive for several minutes, then its coordination is disturbed, an involuntary contraction of the muscles appears, then muscular weakness, paralysis, and death occur.
  2. The composition of liquids and mosquito plates often includes pralletrin and its analogues - a synthetic insecticide from the group of pyrethroids, the action of the tool is aimed at the destruction of insects.
  3. средства от комаров In repellents, DETA (N, N-diethylmethylbenzamide) is often present, a substance that has a deterring and killing effect on small animals. Effective against not only mosquitoes, but flies, ticks, midges, fleas, gadflies. Affects the organs of smell and the nervous system.
  4. Aerosols contain isopropanol - alcohol. In small doses, it does not bring much harm, but since it has a depressing effect on the nervous system, it can be easily attributed to the active substances of the repellent. Isopropanol is 3.5 times more toxic than normal ethanol, so these mosquito repellents for children cannot be called safe.
  5. In addition, the active substance itself, in the plates and repellents add perfume fragrance, plant extracts for smell.

How do mosquito plates work? The main effect on animals is the inhibition of the nervous system and the effect on the sense of smell, while insects no longer feel the smell of a person (this is carbon dioxide that a person exhales and lactic acid is in sweat). But after all, many substances do not have selective activity and can affect a person as well.

How mosquito plates work on people

Absolutely safe repellents do not exist. Therefore, manufacturers honestly warn:

  • some time after using the plate (30–60 minutes depending on the concentration жидкость - средство от комаров substances included in them) must be turned off;
  • many cannot be left overnight;
  • it is important to ventilate the room well every day;
  • Do not use plates from mosquitoes during pregnancy and in children's rooms.

What is the cause of such concern for human health? The substances that make up arthropods do not specifically affect a mosquito, a fly or a mammal, they have a general inhibitory or toxic effect on the nervous system, inhibiting its work. The only question is concentration. In the quantity in which it is contained in a plate or a liquid mosquito repellent - it should act only on small creatures. But if a person violates safety rules or develops a reaction to a drug, a person may experience the following symptoms

  1. действие пластин на людей

    Nausea, dizziness, vomiting develop if the substance somehow gets inside.

  2. Drowsiness, weakness.
  3. In case of accidental application of the product to the skin or contact of the active plate with the skin, there may be itching, burning, tingling and a feeling of warmth, but dermatitis rarely develops.
  4. Greater damage to the plate from mosquitoes bring with long-term operation of the electric fumigator (an electrical device, in which the insect repellent is located and begins to work). As a rule, this happens if you forget to turn off the device at night. A person will feel weak, maybe vomiting and weakening of the chair, cramps, muscle paralysis.
  5. There are allergic reactions in the form of edema of the mucosa of the nasopharynx, lacrimation with intolerance of one of the components of the tool (sometimes they are filler, extract of plant matter, which is part of the plates).
  6. Mosquito repellents for children are not as safe as we would like. As already mentioned, they contain DEET, isopropanol and other components. Almost all manufacturers do not recommend using them under the age of three years.

How to use plates and repellents

  1. как правильно пользоваться пластинами Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
  2. Carefully read who is contraindicated for these drugs.
  3. When applying the aerosol on children - try not to fall into the eyes and on bare skin.
  4. Do not use the appliance near beds.
  5. Do not use plates longer than the specified time.
  6. In unventilated areas do not leave the mosquito plates to work longer than the allotted time. If you include a fumigator, then try to always open the window or balcony door.
  7. If an allergic reaction to the substance occurs, try not to buy plates with such a composition anymore.

Are mosquito plates harmful to humans? No, if you spend a little time reading everything that is written on their packaging. How to save the family from possible complications? It is important to observe all precautions and do not forget to turn off the device on time.