Why does a stomach ache after poisoning and how to treat it

боль в животе Stomach pain that occurs after suffering food poisoning is a rather frequent phenomenon. Many people know this feeling, but not everyone knows what the causes of this phenomenon are. The pain can be associated with both the poisoning itself and the complications that developed after it.

Why does the stomach ache after food poisoning, as well as alcohol? What to do and how to treat? When do you need medical help? Let's sort out these questions.

The nature of pain in the abdomen after poisoning

The nature of the pain can be very different, from dull and aching, to sharp and sharp. Most often, after poisoning, there are pressing pains and heaviness. Also, the pain syndrome can be continuous, and can manifest itself in the form of seizures.

Abdominal cramps after poisoning are characteristic of toxicoinfections and especially aggressive toxins. Such cutting pains can be observed after alcohol poisoning.

How many days does the stomach hurt after poisoning? On average, 1-3 days, but for each person the duration can be individual. It also depends on the nature of the complications.

Why does the stomach hurt after poisoning

The mechanism of abdominal pain is associated with the work of bacteria of the stomach and intestines to neutralize toxins. Pain in this case occurs in the middle of the abdomen above the navel or slightly to the left. If the intestine is involved in the process, the symptoms will spread even in the upper and lower abdomen.

желудок в разрезе Also, pain and discomfort in the stomach can occur due to the fact that the poisoning provoked the development of chronic diseases that were previously in remission. Or if a person did not have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but they, as they say, were “on the way,” then the poisoning could have contributed to their accelerated development. For example, a person could be sick with gastritis before poisoning and not know it, and after suffering toxic infection, the illness became aggravated.

Gastritis is also one of the complications of food poisoning. Irritant factors affecting the stomach during intoxication, damage its walls, which can cause the development of gastritis.

A gastric ulcer, like gastritis, can also be a consequence of poisoning, if the damaging factor was very aggressive. For peptic ulcer disease is characterized by hereditary predisposition, and, as a rule, it is preceded by gastritis.

Poisoning by stale food in which the bacteria are divorced can cause gastroenteritis. Its development is accompanied by diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain.

Stomach pain after alcohol poisoning

человек употребляет алкоголь Alcohol is not only a poison, but also a strong damaging agent for the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. When alcohol enters the stomach, its walls begin to actively absorb ethanol and other harmful substances. In addition, when alcohol comes into contact with the mucous membrane, it kills not only harmful, but also beneficial microbes, and they are responsible for the partial neutralization of toxins.

After a short contact of alcohol with the stomach, the degree of damage is negligible. But with uncontrolled consumption, when the stomach is full of alcohol-containing drink, its walls for a long time are exposed to the damaging effects of ethanol.

There is a relationship between the strength of an alcoholic drink and the degree of damage to the stomach. The greater the concentration of ethanol, the deeper the destruction of the walls. Alcohol with a strength of more than 20% damages all layers up to the blood vessels. That is why after alcohol poisoning the stomach hurts. The pains are cutting.

Regular use also affects pain. This is due to the gradual atrophy of mucous cells, as a result of which the stomach is deprived of protection. Therefore, a frequent companion of chronic alcoholism is a gastric or duodenal ulcer.

Pain in the stomach after alcohol poisoning will last as long as the tissue of the walls of the gastrointestinal tract will be restored.

Having understood the causes of pain in the stomach after food poisoning, it is clear that in certain cases you should immediately see a specialist to rule out serious problems. Especially you need to be alert and go to the doctor if, in addition to pain in the stomach after poisoning, the following symptoms are noticed:

  • женщина говорит врачу о боли в животе weakness in muscles, respiratory failure;
  • vomiting of blood or diarrhea mixed with blood;
  • severe temperature rise or severe malaise;
  • abdominal pain in pregnant women;
  • pain in children for a long time;
  • severe dehydration.

If after the poisoning there were sudden sharp pains, then you need to quickly seek help from a specialist, and if necessary call an ambulance.

If a person consumed alcohol, and then stopped taking alcohol, and stomach pain remained - this is also a reason for going to a doctor.

It is advisable to visit the doctor in any case because he will not only determine the causes of the illness, but also advise ways to restore the health of the gastrointestinal tract after food poisoning.

How to deal with stomach pain after poisoning

What should I do if my stomach hurts after poisoning? You can try traditional methods of treatment, such as raw eggs, liquid porridge from rolled oats, aspic. These products will act as enveloping substances, relieve irritation and soothe the pain. Flaxseed or sea buckthorn oil, aloe juice, chamomile decoction will also help soothe the pain syndrome.

овсяная каша с бананом

Stomach pain after alcohol intoxication can be prevented by abandoning the use of strong alcoholic beverages in large quantities. Otherwise, the treatment of pain syndrome is similar to that in food poisoning.

Diet plays a big role in relieving stomach pain. Food should be light, sparingly processed, not abundant. You need to eat in small portions, but often. Once the symptoms subside, you can expand the diet. You can not eat spicy, fatty, sour foods, milk, butter, sauces, fast food, snacks.

If a stomach ache after poisoning, how to treat it? If folk remedies do not help, then drugs are used.

Pain in the stomach may indicate that not all toxins have been removed from the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is better to take drugs from the group of sorbents (activated and white coal, Polysorb MP, Sorbex, Enterosgel, etc.).

препарат для восстановления флоры желудка You need to drink more alkaline water without gas. It not only flushes the stomach, but also restores the water-alkaline balance in the body. Soda water will increase the heaviness and bloating in the stomach.

Since almost any poisoning alters the flora of the stomach, which can also cause pain, it is recommended to conduct a course on taking drugs containing beneficial microorganisms, for example, Bifidumbacterin, Linex, Bifiform, Hilak Forte.

What medicine will definitely help if a stomach ache after poisoning can be determined only by a doctor - a gastroenterologist or therapist. Self-medication does not always end successfully, and in some cases brings harm.

Let's sum up. After food poisoning, pain can be of the most diverse nature and duration, from dull to cutting, from long to short-term. The pain may occur in bouts or be constant. The resulting pain in the stomach after food poisoning is not always associated with himself, they can be caused by other diseases or complications from intoxication. Pain in alcohol poisoning is usually associated with exposure to alcohol and other toxins. Stomach pains require a visit to a doctor to establish their true causes and assign the correct treatment.