How to make gastric lavage at home in case of poisoning

промывание желудка дома In life you need to be ready for anything. And as for health - information about assistance in an emergency situation will not be superfluous. If there is a real threat to health and life - do not expect that the next will be a health worker, or an ambulance will arrive instantly. Any of close people deliberately or accidentally can drink a chemical solution or not their tablets. Act immediately.

How to help a person do gastric lavage in case of poisoning? Do not despair! You just need to stay calm and remember a few simple rules of conduct.

How to start first aid for poisoning

The idea of ​​the possibility of poisoning should arise in relation to each person in a coma, when there is an unreasonable convulsion, if the mind is confused.

First, try to find out what is drunk or eaten, if a person is conscious and reacts adequately to the situation. In case there is an assistant - let him urgently call an emergency ambulance (a person in any case will need to be taken to the intensive care unit).

These first steps must be performed as:

  • the type of chemical substance that has poisoned the person determines the further tactics of treatment;
  • specialized assistance will be required, and the possibility of delivering a victim to a hospital does not always happen;
  • sometimes in attempts to act independently you can lose a lot of time for nothing and not save a person's life;

In such situations, everyone is motivated by a well-founded fear that it is possible for the injured to hurt, to make things worse. But there is often no time for thinking, so you will have to make maximum efforts to help.

Options for washing the stomach at home

промывка желужка How to do gastric lavage at home? To begin with, you need to remember all the possible lessons of medicine that have ever been in life: courses of mutual aid in school, specialized studies at the school or at the institute. Even a minimum of information can help. There are two main methods for cleaning the stomach of a home:

  • a no-probe method;
  • gastric lavage with a probe.

Any of these benefits can be carried out at home. To do this, it is sufficient to have a small amount of liquid (room temperature water, sodium chloride solution or other specific washing liquid) and a gastric tube (this rubber tube is only in the specialized first-aid kit, but sometimes, by a lucky chance, it may be in the victim or his assistants). It is desirable that the procedure carried out at least two people, so help will be rendered faster and better.

Bezprodovy method of cleaning the stomach

A no-probe method is used in case if the poisoning is easy and the person is conscious. Most often it is used in adults and older children. This method is also suitable for helping oneself.

How is this gastric lavage carried out at home in poisoning, in stages:

  • the victim immediately drinks 500 to 700 ml of liquid or more;
  • Then with his spatula or ordinary spoon irritate the root of the tongue to induce a vomitive reflex;
  • if necessary, such actions are repeated.

беззондовый метод промывки желудка Particularly, such help is shown to people who have taken chemical substances at the same time as food. This method is recommended to use the victim in consciousness for any poisoning, except:

  • acute poisoning with gasoline;
  • kerosene;
  • turpentine;
  • strong acids;
  • alkalis;
  • many oxidants.

Such substances can re-damage the digestive and respiratory systems when passing back!

After carrying out this procedure, it is advisable to rinse the stomach additionally even through the probe, since the poison agent sometimes remains in the folds of the mucous membrane of the digestive organs and is capable of damaging.

Gastric lavage with a probe

This procedure will require special skills and additional equipment. In extreme cases, you can use a printed manual or a specialist (by calling a physician or an ambulance on the phone). Rinsing the stomach through the probe at home is a relatively safe, but at the same time responsible procedure. If it is not performed correctly, then complications are possible:

  • rupture of the stomach, esophagus;
  • Vomit will fall into the respiratory tract and lead to suffocation.

For the procedure, you need a special gastric tube - a thick rubber tube 1 cm in diameter (thin can have a diameter of 4 or 5 mm) and a length of 70 cm. The end of the probe is rounded and has two holes.

промывание зондом If the suspected poisoning is the following procedure.

  1. It is better to wash when the injured person is in a sitting position. For this person they put on a chair, the body is covered as much as possible with an oilcloth.
  2. His head is tilted, you need to ask the victim to relax and do not move his tongue.
  3. Through the mouth gradually begin to inject the probe (from the edge of the teeth to the sternum, namely, to its xiphoid process).
  4. It is important to make sure that the tube does not get into the trachea (at that, breathing noises will be heard, a cough will appear, lips and skin of the face will turn blue).
  5. The probe is inserted until the gastric contents appear from the upper edge of the funnel, which will need to be taken for examination.
  6. Gradually introduce a liquid. Than to wash out a stomach at a poisoning? For adults, use ordinary water at room temperature, but not more than 18 ° C, for younger children it is better to use physiological saline.
  7. For one rinse it is enough to pour 500-700 ml of water (this is the norm for an adult person).
  8. The stomach is washed according to the type of siphon: when the water is poured, the funnel is below the level of the stomach, then it is raised.
  9. After pouring, the funnel is lowered, the rinsing water is drained and the stomach is again filled with water. So, it should be done before the appearance of clean water. This procedure can generally go from five liters and more.

Then the victim should be immediately taken to the hospital, regardless of his state of health. At the same time, do not forget the jar of gastric contents, which was collected to investigate in the laboratory its composition - this often saves a person's life.

Emergency gastric lavage in case of poisoning is carried out normally by health workers, but when it comes to the life of a loved one, one does not have to choose. The procedure itself is not complicated - the problem is only to decide to conduct it.