Whether it is possible to poison chanterelles

грибы лисички Many prefer to collect and cook mushrooms themselves, enjoying not only the use of delicious food, but also admiring the beauty of nature. The deserved place among mushrooms is occupied by forest beauties-chanterelles. After all, they are not only delicious, but also useful.

Therefore, let us recall below what they are useful. And also find out whether these fungi can cause poisoning, under what conditions, the clinical signs of intoxication, how to provide first aid, what the treatment consists of.

Useful properties of chanterelles

Some people call mushroom chanterelles a universal medicine:

  • they are rich in vitamins A, C, PP, B, D;
  • contain trace elements (zinc, copper);
  • have antihelminthic effect;
  • have a harmful effect on the hepatitis virus and improve liver function;
  • promote the excretion of radionuclides;
  • improve vision;
  • have antitumor effect;
  • restrain the growth of the tuberculosis rod.

свойства лисичек

Some pharmaceutical companies are preparing medicines from the components of chanterelles for the treatment of liver diseases, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and depression.

Can I get sick

Can I poison myself with chanterelles? More often this question is asked by mushroom pickers.

отравление лисичками
orange govorushki

It turns out that it is possible, because these wonderful mushrooms have twins - false chanterelles or orange govorushki - conditionally edible mushrooms, which can be poisoned by improper cooking. Both kinds of mushrooms grow in coniferous and mixed forests, but real chanterelles, unlike false ones, grow in groups, they do not grow on rotting old trees.

False chanterelles are quite difficult to distinguish from edible "relatives", especially not too experienced mushroom pickers. But still they have such differences from the real ones: in addition to the brighter coloring, the false ones have smooth, rounded rather than wavy edges, the plates descend to the foot, but do not pass to it. Real chanterelles are not wormy and their flesh, unlike false ones, smells good.

Poisoning by chanterelles can occur in the following cases.

  1. The real chanterelles are mixed up with false ones - poisoning, possibly when they are improperly cooked;
  2. отравление лисичками In the basket with mushrooms accidentally got at least one poisonous. Even after a brief joint stay, the most part of the collected party becomes poisonous.
  3. Mushrooms are collected in ecologically polluted places, and they adsorbed on themselves chemical fertilizers, salts of heavy metals and other toxic substances.
  4. In the case of hermetic packaging (canning), because of poor-quality cleaning, spores of botulinum wand got into the jar.
  5. Poisoning mushrooms chanterelles (even real, not false), possibly with their bacterial contamination - by hand or through a container. This occurs more often with salted or long-term storage with boiled, fried mushrooms and with their subsequent use without sufficient heat treatment.

Symptoms of poisoning

Toxins, released from false chanterelles, affect such important organs: the stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys. The first signs of poisoning with mushrooms chanterelles may appear after 0.5-3 hours. But sometimes they appear in a day. It depends on the number of mushrooms eaten, the causes of intoxication (which are indicated above), the age of the patient and the presence of concomitant pathology. But in the case of botulism, the latent period is extended to several days.

When poisoning with false chanterelles, the symptoms are:

  • weakness;
  • pain in the stomach;
  • nausea;
  • repeated vomiting;
  • liquid stool (although there may be constipation).

When bacterial contamination of the product, chanterelle poisoning manifests itself in addition to the indicated symptoms. The height and duration of fever depends on the type of microbes that caused contamination of the product.

The first signs of botulism, "hiding" behind the poisoning of chanterelles, are:

  • симптомы отравления лисичками
    blurred vision

    communication with the use of mushroom canned food;

  • sudden appearance of visual impairment (fog, doubling);
  • dry mouth;
  • muscle weakness.

Symptoms of poisoning with mushrooms chanterelles can develop when they absorb toxic substances from the environment or from unsuitable containers (for example, from galvanized dishes). Deterioration of state of health can come already after 20-30 minutes after the use of such mushrooms.

In case of accidental ingestion of at least one poisonous fungus into the collected lot, the clinical manifestations will depend on its kind. Can be:

  • narrowed or dilated pupils;
  • appear dry mouth or increased salivation;
  • increase or fall in blood pressure.

отравление лисичками симптомы But nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea bother almost with poisoning by any kind of poisonous mushrooms. These manifestations can lead to dehydration of the affected organism. Such poisonings are much more severe than those caused by false chanterelles.

Chanterelles refer to indigestible fungi. Therefore, their use in large numbers, especially those with digestive tract problems and enzymatic insufficiency, can result in intestinal obstruction by undigested product, which will require medical assistance.

First aid

At occurrence of any clinical displays after the use of mushrooms it is necessary to cause "first aid". The remaining fungi not eaten should be retained for later research, which will help to conduct proper treatment. When poisoning with chanterelles before the arrival of a doctor, you must provide first aid to the victim (himself or with the help of relatives).

  1. первая помощь при отравлении лисичками Make a lavage of the stomach with boiled water: drink 4-5 glasses of water - warm or at room temperature - and induce vomiting, pushing the spoon (reverse end) onto the root of the tongue. Rinse until clean wash water is obtained.
  2. Make a cleansing enema with warm water.
  3. Give the victim any of the sorbents ("Activated carbon" - 10-15 tablets, "Enterodesis" or "Enterosorb" - 1 packet, "Enterosgel" - 1 tablespoon), dissolving it in 100 ml of boiled water.
  4. Give 20 g of salt laxative ("Salt Barbara", "Sernokislaya magnesia").
  5. Abundant drink.

Poisoning with false chanterelles is usually not difficult. If poisoning has caused sorption of fungi, toxic substances or an occasional poisonous fungus, the condition of the victim will be more severe and requires hospitalization.


In the hospital, symptomatic treatment is performed. By the presence of evidence apply:

  • лечение отравления лисичками cardiac preparations (Korazol, Kordiamin and others);
  • detoxication therapy - intravenous administration of solutions ("Glucose", "Reosorbilact" and others);
  • antibiotic or nitrofuran drugs may be used for bacterial poisoning;
  • in the case of botulism, anti-botulinum serum is administered.

Under certain conditions, poisoning with these delicious mushrooms is possible. But with the poisoning of chanterelles, treatment shows a good result with a rainbow effect.