Toxins, poisons, alkaloids

Description of all poisons, toxins, alkaloids causing poisoning - their origin, application in medicine. And also a description of what kind of poisoning they cause, what kind of symptoms will be in this case, how to help the victim.

What is aflatoxins, what is their harm, symptoms of poisoning, prevention.

Where carcinogens are contained, their effect on health, how to get rid of them.

Alkaloid atropine - a description of what it is, the mechanism of action, poisoning it, antidotes.

The composition of snake venom, where it is applied, acts on a person.

Description of what codeine, where it is contained, the consequences of its use.

How nicotine affects the human body, a description of the harm and benefit.

What are dioxins, their effect on the human body, the prevention of poisoning.

How does cyanide potassium affect a person, symptoms of poisoning, treatment.

What is this poison - ricin, its effect, symptoms of poisoning, treatment.

What is strychnine, the symptoms of poisoning them, a description of first aid.

Description of muscarin, poisoning, symptoms, first aid, treatment.

Causes, symptoms, first aid and treatment for arsenic poisoning.

What kind of poison - solanine, whether they can poison themselves, symptoms, treatment, prevention.

What is mycotoxins, where they are and how they affect a person.

Whether it is possible to poison with a cadaveric poison, where it is contained, is there any benefit from it.