The influence of electromagnetic radiation on human health

электромагнитное излучение что это
electromagnetic radiation

Modern science has divided the surrounding material world into matter and field.

Does the substance interact with the field? Or maybe they coexist in parallel and electromagnetic radiation does not affect the environment and living organisms? Let's find out how electromagnetic radiation acts on the human body.

The duality of the human body

Life on the planet was born under the influence of an abundant electromagnetic background. For thousands of years this background has not undergone significant changes. The influence of the electromagnetic field on various functions of the most diverse living organisms was stable. This applies both to its simplest representatives, and to the most highly organized beings.

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However, as the "growing" of humanity, the intensity of this background began to increase continuously due to artificial man-made sources: electric power transmission lines, household electric appliances, microwave radio and cellular communication lines and so on. The term "electromagnetic pollution" (smog) has arisen. It is understood as the totality of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that exerts a negative biological effect on living organisms. What is the mechanism of the effect of electromagnetic fields on a living organism, and what are the consequences?

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electromagnetic radiation

In search of an answer, we will have to accept the concept that man has not only a material body, consisting of an incredibly complex combination of atoms and molecules, but also has one more component - the electromagnetic field. It is the presence of these two components that ensure a person's connection with the world around him.

The impact of electromagnetic cobwebs on the human field affects his thoughts, behavior, physiological functions and even vitality.

A number of modern scientists believe that diseases of various organs and systems take place due to pathological effects of external electromagnetic fields.

The spectrum of these frequencies is very wide - from gamma radiation to low-frequency electric oscillations, so the changes caused by them can be very diverse. The nature of the consequences is affected not only by the frequency, but also by the intensity, as well as by the time of irradiation. Some frequencies cause thermal and informational impact, while others have a destructive effect on the cellular level. In this case, the decay products can cause poisoning of the body.

The norm of electromagnetic radiation for humans

Electromagnetic radiation turns into a pathogenic factor if its intensity exceeds the maximum permissible norms for human being, which have been verified by many statistical data.

For radiation sources with frequencies:

  • электромагнитное излучение для человека 30-300 kHz is the intensity of the field of 25 V / m;
  • 0,3-3 MHz - 15 V / m;
  • 3-30 MHz - 10 V / m;
  • 30-300 MHz - 3 V / m;
  • and from 300 MHz 300 GHz - 10 μW / cm2.

In this frequency range, radio and television equipment, as well as cellular communications, operate. For high-voltage transmission lines, the threshold value is 160 kV / m. At an intensity of electromagnetic radiation exceeding these values, negative consequences for health are very likely. The actual values ​​of the strengths of the power line are 5-6 times less than the dangerous value.

As a result of clinical studies, started back in the 60's, it was found that under the influence of electromagnetic radiation per person, in his body, changes occur in all important systems. Therefore, it was suggested to introduce a new medical term - "radio wave illness". According to researchers, its symptoms extend to a third of the population.

радиоволновая болезнь Its main manifestations - dizziness, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, deterioration of concentration, depression - do not have a specific nature, so the diagnosis of this disease is difficult.

However, later this symptom develops into serious chronic diseases:

  • cardiac arrhythmia;
  • fluctuations in blood sugar levels;
  • chronic respiratory diseases, etc.

In order to assess the degree of danger of electromagnetic radiation for humans, let us consider its effect on different systems of the body.

Effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation on the human body

  1. воздействие электромагнитных полей и излучений на организм человека The human nervous system is very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Nerve cells of the brain (neurons) as a result of "interference" of external fields worsen their conductivity. This can provoke severe and irreversible consequences for the person and his environment, as the changes affect the holy-saints - the higher nervous activity. But it is she who is responsible for the entire system of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes. In addition, the memory deteriorates, the coordination of brain activity with the work of all parts of the body is disturbed. Very likely, and mental disorders, even to delusional ideas, hallucinations and suicide attempts. Violation of the adaptive capacity of the body is fraught with exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  2. Very negative reaction of the immune system to electromagnetic waves. There is not only suppression of immunity, but also an attack of the immune system on one's own organism. Such aggression is explained by the drop in the number of lymphocytes that must ensure victory over an intruding infection. These "valiant warriors" are also victims of electromagnetic radiation.
  3. воздействие электромагнитного излучения на организм человека In the state of human health, the primary role is played by the quality of blood. What is the effect of electromagnetic radiation on blood? All elements of this life-giving fluid have certain electrical potentials and charges. Electrical and magnetic components that form electromagnetic waves can cause destruction or, conversely, the adhesion of red blood cells, platelets, cause cell membranes to become impassable. And their effect on the hematopoietic organs causes disturbances in the work of the entire hematopoietic system. The reaction of the body to this pathology is the release of excessive doses of adrenaline. All these processes have a very negative effect on the work of the heart muscle, blood pressure, myocardial conductivity and can cause arrhythmia. The conclusion is not consoling - electromagnetic radiation has an extremely negative effect on the cardiovascular system.
  4. The effect of the electromagnetic field on the endocrine system leads to the stimulation of the most important endocrine glands - the pituitary gland, the adrenal gland, the thyroid gland, etc. This causes failures in the production of the most important hormones.
  5. влияние электромагнитного излучения One of the consequences of disorders in the nervous and endocrine system is the negative changes in the sexual sphere. If we evaluate the degree of influence of electromagnetic radiation on the male and female sexual function, then the sensitivity of the reproductive system of women is much higher to the electromagnetic effect than in men. With this, there is a danger of influence on pregnant women. Pathologies of child development at different stages of pregnancy can manifest themselves in reducing the rate of fetal development, vices in the formation of various organs and even lead to premature birth. The first weeks and months of pregnancy are especially vulnerable. The embryo is still not firmly fixed on the placenta and the electromagnetic "blow" can interrupt its connection with the mother's body. In the first three months, the most important organs and systems of the growing fetus are formed. And the misinformation that external electromagnetic fields can bring can distort the material carrier of the genetic code - DNA.

How to reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation

The listed symptoms testify to the strongest biological effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health. The danger is aggravated by the fact that we do not feel the impact of these fields and the negative effect accumulates over time.

How to protect yourself and your loved ones from electromagnetic fields and radiations? Implementation of the following recommendations will minimize the consequences of the operation of electronic equipment.

  1. как защититься от электромагнитных полей

    First of all, determine the degree of danger emanating from various sources of electromagnetic radiation at home.

  2. Get a special dosimeter.
  3. Turn on the microwave oven, computer, cell phone and so on, and measure the dose recorded by the device.
  4. Distribute the available sources of radiation so that they are not grouped in one place.
  5. Do not place electrical appliances near the dining table and rest areas.
  6. Especially carefully check the children's room for radiation sources, take out of it electric and radio-controlled toys.
  7. Check that the computer is properly grounded.
  8. The base of the radiotelephone radiates 24 hours a day, its range is 10 meters. Do not hold the radiotelephone in your bedroom or on your desktop.
  9. Do not buy "clones" - cell phones-fakes.
  10. Household electrical appliances should be purchased only in a steel case - it shields the radiation emanating from them.

In our life there are more and more diverse techniques that facilitate and beautify our lives. But the effect of electromagnetic radiation on a person is not a myth. Champions for the degree of influence on humans are microwave ovens, electric grills, cell phones and some models of electric shavers. It is almost impossible to abandon these benefits of civilization, but one should always remember the reasonable exploitation of all the surrounding equipment.