Is there any harm from the microwave oven

вред от микроволновки

The first microwave ovens were jokingly called kitchen appliances of a bachelor. Perhaps the first generation of these devices justified this definition. But now microwaves have replenished with so many different functions that their talents have become truly innumerable.

Management of this device is carried out by a processor, which, according to preset parameters, can itself offer a recipe. And in a short time this wonderful culinary assistant will learn to perceive the voice commands of her mistress.

But, contemplating the slow rotation of the defrosting products or the warming up of already prepared dishes, one can not help wondering whether the microwave oven affects the human body. This question is far from idle.

The physical basis of the microwave oven

Let us recall the basic concepts of the school course in physics. The effect of heating in a microwave is due to the effect of microwave radiation on products in the furnace.

излучение от микроволновой печи

The source of these radiations is the magnetron. The microwave radiation frequency is 2450 GHz. The electrical component of this radiation exerts an orienting action on the dipole molecules of matter. A dipole is a molecule with oppositely charged charges at its different ends. The electric field manages to deploy a dipole 180 degrees 5.9 billion times per second. This crazy speed leads to friction of the molecules and heating of the substance consisting of them.

Microwave radiation penetrates no deeper than 3 cm, and further heating is carried out by transferring heat from the outer layers to the inner layers. Distinctly pronounced dipoles are water molecules. Therefore, liquids and moisture-containing products warm up faster. Molecules of vegetable oils are not dipoles. Do not try to warm them up in the microwave.

Microwave radiation used in a microwave oven has a wavelength of about 12 cm. Being in the frequency scale between radio and infrared waves, they have similar properties.

What harm from the microwave oven

People with pleasure believe in rumors and myths. Let's check the existing rumors about the harm from the microwave oven.

вред от микроволновки для человека
harm from the microwave

First of all, let's talk about the risk, which carries radiation from the microwave oven. Among dieticians and physicists, then flare up, then the debate on this topic is calmed down.

Let us turn to possible negative impacts. Direct harm is possible in the form of radiation emanating from the operating microwave.

A side negative factor can be the deformation and destruction of molecules and the creation of radiolytic compounds, that is, nonexistent in nature, under the influence of all the same ultra-high frequencies. The effect of a microwave oven on food does not end there.

Microwave radiation can cause ionization of water molecules (loss or acquisition of an extra electron by an atom). And this already changes its structure.

The perniciousness of such water for living organisms was tested by experiment on two identical plants, one of which was watered with ordinary boiled water, the other - water boiled in a microwave. The experiment was stopped on the 9th day, as the second plant died. It was then that this water was dubbed "dead" water, extending this term to products that had been culinary treatment with microwave radiation.

What can be opposed to these arguments? Only the scientifically substantiated opinion of physicists who claim that waves of this length do not have an ionizing effect on living tissues. Consequently, they can not affect the atomic-molecular structure of the substance, but can only cause it to heat ... Moreover, since the efficiency of the magnetron reaches 80%, the culinary processing of the products takes place extremely quickly. And cooked meals lose a minimum of useful substances.

Further, the microwave oven itself reflects the emerging radiation without passing them out. The glass part of the door is shielded with a metal mesh, which does not allow "harmful" waves to flow outwards. When the door is opened, the automation automatically turns off the magnetron. By the way, its power is very high - several hundred watts. If the protection does not work when the door is opened, the magnetron is disconnected, and you are at the mercy of radiation from the generator, then you are provided with severe harm and even internal burns!

головокружение от излучения микроволновки

It would seem that harm from the microwave is leveled by its thoughtful design. But confidence in its complete safety will be greatly shaken if we tell that insidious microwaves have the ability to literally "leak" through tiny slits and holes and are perfectly absorbed by the moisture-containing objects, which is the human body. The reason for the appearance of the cracks, perhaps, is not a factory marriage, but a careless hostess who allowed the accumulation of coke on the door.

Arguing about what harm from the microwave oven, we should not forget about the cumulative effect of microwave radiation. If indeed there is even a slight leak, the harmful effect will accumulate as the device is used. The harm may be expressed as:

  • in dizziness;
  • drowsiness;
  • in the turbidity in the eyes;
  • in the appearance of signs of heart failure;
  • children have uncausable crying and nervousness.

How to check the microwave for radiation and the presence of a leak

On the vast expanses of the Internet, you can find a description of several ways to check the microwave for radiation.

  1. проверка микроволновки на работоспособность Equip with two mobile phones. One of them is placed inside the microwave oven. Close the door. Call from the second mobile phone to the device, "languishing in solitary confinement." If he calls, therefore, the microwave oven emits radiation inside and outwards.
  2. Place a glass of cold water in the microwave. Set the power to 800 watts and the time to 2 minutes. During this time the water should boil. After the experiment is over and the instrument is turned off, gently pull the glass with water. If the water boils under these conditions - everything is in order. If the water remained cold, then the radiation did not do its job and burst out.
  3. The next method is desirable to use in the dark. For a while, turn on the microwave and bring it to the fluorescent lamp. If the light comes on, there is a leak.
  4. And this method is effective only with a strong leak. Turn off the light and bring a bunch of keys to the door. The presence of even tiny sparks also indicates the transmission of microwave radiation.
  5. When operating the oven, gently swipe the edge of the closed door. If it has heated up, there is a leak.

However, the effectiveness of all the proposed methods can cause doubt. Checking with the help of cellular devices is unreliable because the operating frequencies of mobile phones and microwave ovens differ.

проверка детектором СВЧ-излучения
microwave detector

The most reliable method is to check using a special microwave detector. We put in a microwave oven a glass with cold water, close the door and turn on the oven.

Approaching the detector close to its front wall, we circle it around the perimeter and diagonal of the door, fixing it on the corners. If there is no radiation, the arrow of the indicator will not leave the green zone of the scale. If it is within the red zone, there is a leakage of microwave radiation. The method is efficient and absolutely reliable.

Safe use of the microwave oven

Officially permissible microwave radiation, which can exert a microwave on a person without harm to his health, throughout its "life" in two centimeters from the front wall is approximately 5 milliwatts (mW) of microwave radiation per square centimeter. This figure is much lower than the maximum allowable level. And as we move away from the microwave oven, the wave energy decreases very rapidly.

All microwave ovens have two independent locking systems, which prevents accidental opening of the appliance door.

The question of how dangerous the microwave oven, it is more reasonable to consider in the foreshortening - when it is dangerous.

Even if you are convinced of the tightness of your microwave oven, you should not make obvious violations when using it.

  1. использование микроволновой печи Do not place a microwave near a dining table or cooker.
  2. It is forbidden to put metal utensils in the apparatus. Even metallized paint can cause an arc that damages the magnetron and the protective covering of the microwave.
  3. If possible, use the microwave oven only to warm up food and defrost the food, and keep the working plate at a "respectful" distance.
  4. If a person lives with an implanted pacemaker, it is wiser not to use this household appliance.

If you use the microwave correctly, properly place it in the kitchen, keep it clean, then no harm to the microwave oven for human health is not. Use your health!