Is bluetooth harmful

излучение от блютуз We are increasingly meeting on the street "strange" people talking as if with themselves. An attentive glance will notice in them near the ear or in the auricle a kind of hearing aid. These are owners of bluetooth headphones, many of which are chatting carelessly, listening to music, without even thinking about possible bluetooth radiation.

What is a bluetooth, how strong is its radiation and is a bluetooth headset harmful to human health? Let's figure it out.

What is bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to transfer data - speech, music, image, both between similar devices and between different devices. That is, bluetooth technology allows communication between cell phones, between a mobile device and a computer, between digital cameras, and so on.

что такое блютуз

Headsets are gadgets for using all the functions of any other device. The most common bluetooth communication headsets are:

  • two headphones for listening to stereo music;
  • monoearphone for talking on the phone;
  • earphone in ear.

Any of these headsets have a built-in microphone.

If the sound signal goes to the normal headphones directly from its source, then in a wireless communication system this is not the case. The electrical oscillations of the audio frequency are sent to the radio transmitter of the sound source, converted into radio waves, which are received by the earphone receiver. In this case, radiation occurs in the frequency range from 2.4 to 2.8 GHz.

Is bluetooth harmful and what kind of radiation from a bluetooth headset

блютуз-наушники Are these bluetooth headsets harmful? On the undoubted convenience of headphones is not worth arguing. In any situation, their owners can continue to communicate with an invisible interlocutor, leaving their hands on the wheel or continuing to play sports. Without interrupting the conversation, you can move away from your cell phone up to 10 meters away or, for hours, walk for hours to listen to your favorite music.

The latest, 4th version of bluetooth allows you to transfer information wirelessly from one device to another already at a distance of 100 meters! Really convenient. But are bluetooth headphones harmful? Doctors believe that their constant wearing can cause headaches, problems with memory and brain function, they can provoke increased irritability and nervousness. Because too loud or very quiet sound and extraneous noise cause an overstrain of the nervous system. There are cases when people who constantly use this gadget have tumors in the ear area.

However, the accumulated statistics are not enough to confirm the harm of Bluetooth. The radio waves used in this data transmission standard refer to the ISM band, which is characterized by low power consumption and amplitude, as well as a low data rate. Such attenuated emission characteristics from a bluetooth headset have little effect on a person.

излучение от блютуз-гарнитуры

Compare the radiation power of bluetooth and mobile. The cell phone's power is 2 W, and the bluetooth channel has only 0.0025 W, that is, 800 times less. Therefore, mobile phone signals are capable of covering distances of tens of kilometers, and short-range bluetooth radiation is only tens of meters.

The power of the radiation of bluetooth headsets is completely scanty and cannot harm the health of its owner. If you do not follow the rules of operation of the mobile phone, its radiation is harmful. And since the radiation of the headset is incomparably less, it reduces this harm.

But a drop wears away a stone. Lifestyle with constant use of headphones, can have long-term, negative consequences. Headphone damage is not immediately noticeable. A person has time to get used to the gradual decrease in hearing and does not notice it.

вред блютуза в ухо Is bluetooth harmful in the ear? The auricle, in addition to its direct purpose, surprisingly resembles a human embryo. This statement of French scientists, has been confirmed in the effectiveness of acupuncture of the active points of the ears. If a miniature gadget with bluetooth function is inserted into the ear, it is the source of a weak electromagnetic field. Moreover, the radiation takes place in any mode of the earpiece.

Constant influence of weak, but high-frequency electromagnetic radiation on the active points of the auricle, is clearly not good for a person. In addition, this apotheosis of miniaturization creates additional pressure on the eardrum, and the absence of a natural air gap causes a high sound level. Given that young people's musical tastes are based on listening to loud music, one can imagine what unnatural loads eardrums experience. In the end, it causes organic changes in the organs of hearing.

Bluetooth security

The damage to a bluetooth headset as a source of radiation is extremely insignificant due to the low power of the incoming signal. However, there are reports on the forums that the frequency used in this standard may adversely affect the operation of WI-FI, interrupting communication with the Internet.

bluetooth безопасность Each new technology entering into any sphere of a human life, passes the period of approbation at consumers. Bluetooth technology has endured this period with honor. Its main advantage is that bluetooth headsets are not tied to the phone by constantly tangling wires. This circumstance is very important during long road trips. In this case, the whole burden of its safe use falls on the user.

What is meant by the word "reasonable":

  • do not use this wireless connection for long conversations;
  • place the cell as far away from yourself as possible - not in your pocket, but in the next seat.

The Bluetooth standard is, in fact, a personal wireless network for sharing information. Bluetooth is not only not harmful to humans, but with reasonable use, it turns out to be a very useful gadget.