Removal of toxins from the body at home

токсины Deferred in the body, toxins weaken protective reactions and self-regulation processes, resulting in a variety of diseases. Even if you follow a healthy lifestyle, eat right and are not associated with harmful working conditions, over time, it becomes more difficult for the body to cope with the bad ecology and chemicals surrounding us everywhere.

How to cleanse the body of toxins at home and avoid the various diseases lurking in adulthood in adulthood? First, let's answer the question, by what mechanisms our body is released from harmful products.

How the body detoxifies

Nature has foreseen several ways to remove harmful substances from the body to the external environment. All the bodies involved in this process work as if by a single team.

  1. The liver is a factory of biochemical processes. One of the many functions of this amazing body is the detoxification of toxins and their withdrawal into the intestines with bile, or into the blood for further filtration and removal through the kidneys.
  2. Kidneys have a unique structure that allows you to literally "filter" the blood, leaving useful, necessary substances and removing all harmful impurities.
  3. кишечник Intestines. This organ has a considerable length, and the structure of the surface of its mucous - villi, make the size of the intestine simply fantastic. In this huge area, the processes of absorption and excretion take place. If the mucous membrane is contaminated with perennial accumulations of food residues, then not only the intestine itself suffers, but also the liver, and the whole organism as a whole.
  4. The skin removes the metabolic products through the sweat glands. The less zashlakovan skin, the faster and "better" a person sweats. No wonder the ancient Romans at the meeting instead of greeting asked: "How do you sweat?".

All these mechanisms are created in order to constantly and painlessly remove harmful products from the body. But when there are too many toxins, the system can not cope and their deposition occurs in the skin, liver, intestines, other organs and tissues.

How to remove toxins from the body at home, so as not to cause harm to health? After a sharp push to cleanse can cause poisoning, give too much strain on the liver and kidneys. What accumulated in the body for years, can not be deduced within a few days! Most of the cleaning practices are based on repeated (7-10 times) or regular exposure to the excretory systems of the body.

After we learned how our body independently removes toxins, now let's examine all the existing methods of cleaning, with which you can help yourself at home to help our body get rid of harmful substances.

Excretion of toxins with therapeutic starvation

лечебное голодание This method has been used successfully since ancient times. Serious hunger strikes for more than a week are recommended only under the supervision of a specialist. At home, they limit themselves to fasting courses lasting a maximum of 7 days.

Familiarity was gained by Paul Bragg's fasting system. Fundamental rules:

  • fast for 24 or 36 hours once a week;
  • three days once a quarter;
  • seven days once a year;
  • after a one-day and three-day fasting, first use "live" foods - fruits and vegetables without heat treatment;
  • of the seven-day fasting go out gradually, first take the diluted juice, then the fruit, then - sparing food and then switch to a normal diet.

Regular fasting is the simplest and at the same time the most effective way of removing toxins from the body.

Excretion of toxins by diets and fasting

Those who are starving seems too hard a test, you should start with the organization of food. There is a great variety of dietary directions, and about what is healthy food, tons of works are written. Let us dwell on the main points.

Remove the toxins from the body at home will help the following products.

  1. каши Kashi. For a week eat only porridges - this will cleanse the intestines and unload the liver.
  2. Organic acids stimulate metabolism, are antioxidants and contribute to the purification of slags. Fresh fruit and vegetables are useful. Apples and citrus fruits contain many active substances and are available in winter.
  3. Onion garlic.
  4. Beet.
  5. Sour cabbage besides organic acids contains fiber, favorably affects digestion in the intestine.
  6. Greens - dill, parsley, broccoli, green onions.

диета Vegetarianism is also useful. Meat - a product difficult to digest, when it is split, many poisonous substances are formed.

Religious posts are aimed primarily at the purification of the soul, but certain restrictions in eating give the body the opportunity to relax and engage in the removal of accumulated slag.

How to help the intestines

Cleansing the body of toxins at home begins with the intestines. If this is not done, all the foods released by the liver during the cleaning process of other organs will be absorbed back into the bloodstream or settled on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract.

  1. Enemas клизма help to remove from the large intestine perennial remains. Use boiled water, acidified with lemon juice or vinegar. You can use broths of herbs: chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, yarrow. Do this procedure is recommended not more than once in 10 days.
  2. Oats and bran have an excellent cleansing effect. Oats are used as a decoction or jelly, bran - 4-5 spoons before eating in the morning. Oatmeal porridge, eaten regularly for breakfast, will also well clean the villi of the intestine.
  3. Three apples in the morning on an empty stomach for two to three weeks will allow the digestive tract to dissolve and remove accumulated toxins. After apples do not eat for 2-3 hours.

How to remove toxins from the liver

Before starting to cleanse the liver, it is necessary to empty the intestines from slags and prepare. For a few weeks they keep separate food, a week before cleaning, they exclude products of animal origin.

Detoxification of the body at home requires caution and careful observation of your condition. It is not recommended to perform the procedure with stones in the bile ducts, high acidity, serious chronic diseases.

Two of the most common methods that you can do yourself at home - cleaning the liver for Malakhov and Moritz. For beginners, they are a bit harsh, so it's better to start with more sparing recipes.

  1. черная смородина Young leaves of black currant well act on the liver, in addition, they have the ability to clean the vessels. Two or three tablespoons of chopped leaves pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist 2-3 hours and drink ½ cup 3 times a day.
  2. Medium-sized beets are boiled in 3 liters of water until it remains around a liter. The root crop is taken out, cleaned and finely chopped or rubbed on a grater. Boil in the remaining broth for about 20 minutes. Filter, the resulting volume of fluid is divided into 4 receptions, drink at intervals of 4 hours. It is advisable to clean it in bed, warm the liver area.

Cleansing of the kidneys

Water is a natural diuretic. Be sure to drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day. Purification of the body from toxins at home is carried out with the use of folk remedies to enhance the excretion of slag by the kidneys.

  1. In spring, fir and pine needles are always at hand. They are ground, 5 tablespoons are poured into 0.5 l of water, boiled for 10 minutes. Insist 12 hours, drain, warm to body temperature and pour into the thermos. Drink warm during the day.
  2. мать-и-мачеха Mother-and-stepmother: two tablespoons of leaves for a glass of boiling water, insist for an hour; take one spoon every 2 hours for a course of 14 days. Supporting course: in the morning and in the evening for 1 tablespoon for 2-3 months.

Control of purification of the kidney is carried out by the color and impurities in the urine.

In addition, perform procedures that help the skin get rid of toxins. It is useful to take a shower in the morning and in the evening, massage the body with a stiff washcloth, bathe in a bath once a week, pour cold water. For the purification of the lungs practice breathing exercises. Regular exercise sports activate metabolism, help the body cope with the task.

Removing toxins from the body at home is a process that requires careful and attentive treatment of your body. To conduct it must be phased: first the intestine, then the liver, after all - the kidneys. To begin better with sparing methods to test your strength and capabilities. If the body is in a bad state of hurry, you should not cleanse it with several courses. Regular execution of simple methods of cleaning: one-day fasting, unloading days, fasting - will help the body cope with the problem of pollution by toxins throughout life.