Poisoning by vapors and gases

The rubric describing poisoning with vapors and gases of chemical substances: how to detect toxicity in a timely manner, how to render first aid, how treatment is carried out, prevention measures.

Where is methane contained, is it harmful, poisoning symptoms, first aid, treatment.

How ozone affects a person where you can poison yourself with it, symptoms, first aid.

Symptoms of acute and chronic benzene poisoning, help and treatment.

Signs of poisoning with acetone, first aid, treatment, consequences.

Dichlorvos is harmful to humans, symptoms, help and treatment for poisoning.

Why smoke causes poisoning, symptoms, first aid, treatment.

Where is freon, symptoms, first aid and treatment for poisoning.

Signs of hydrogen sulfide poisoning, first aid, treatment, consequences.

What is hyperoxia, its forms, causes, first aid, treatment.

Symptoms of poisoning with ammonia, first aid, consequences.

Symptoms, first aid, how to treat, possible consequences.

Symptoms and signs, first aid and treatment for poisoning with gasoline.

Symptoms of steam poisoning, first aid.

What to do if the thermometer broke and mercury poisoning happened.

Symptoms, degrees of CO poisoning, pre-medical care, treatment, prevention.