What is succinic acid?

янтарная кислота фото Succinic acid is an active participant in the metabolism of the human body. It comes from the outside with food and is synthesized in the body, and in sufficiently large quantities. However, it does not accumulate in the organs, but is immediately spent on various needs.

What is succinic acid, what role does it play in the metabolism and should it be taken in addition to the normal diet? What is the benefit of the drug and is it able to cause harm to health in case of incorrect use? Let's figure it out.

What products contain succinic acid

First, find out what products contain succinic acid. Its sources are:

  • где содержится янтарная кислота
    Cheese contains succinic acid

    black bread;

  • dairy products;
  • light grape varieties;
  • aged wines;
  • beer (brewer's yeast);
  • seafood (in particular, marine mollusks);
  • sauerkraut;
  • cheeses;
  • gooseberry;
  • turnip;
  • barley and sunflower seeds.

Under normal conditions, the synthesis of succinic acid in the body completely covers the needs for it. But with some diseases, increased physical exertion, malnutrition, premature aging and other stresses, there may be a shortage of this substance.

What is the benefit of succinic acid for the body

In a healthy person’s body, up to 300 g of succinic acid is produced per day. A significant amount of it comes from the outside with vegetables and fruits, dairy products. What is succinic acid? It participates in many metabolic processes associated with the consumption of oxygen by the tissues and the production of intracellular energy. It also neutralizes free radicals formed in the body, which are aging factors.

откуда берется янтарная кислота

Normalizing metabolism, the drug increases the rate of decomposition of many toxic substances, has an antioxidant and antihypoxic effect, protects cells from harmful decomposition products.

Succinic acid for humans is one of the means of improving metabolism, which in practice leads to the following beneficial effects:

  • stimulation of the liver and kidneys, their effective resistance to toxins;
  • improving the energy supply of the heart and as a result, the best supply of blood to the tissues;
  • increase immunity;
  • supplemental oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

Modern researchers come to the conclusion that succinic acid is a good tool for the prevention of cancer. Due to its effect on intracellular energy structures, mitochondria, the drug reduces the growth of cancer cell formation. Also, many scientists believe that this substance is able to restore damaged cells and thereby rejuvenate them. In older people, taking the drug for 20 days improves health, normalizes blood pressure and the heart, relieves insomnia.

Succinic acid in its pure form is a white powder with lemon taste, well soluble in water. It is produced in the form of tablets and is part of many drugs in combination with other organic acids or enzymes. Salts of succinic acid are called succinates.

The use of succinic acid in medicine is quite wide. Here are the indications for taking the pure substance in pills.

  1. Combined therapy for external and internal poisoning of various causes.
  2. Comprehensive treatment of infectious diseases.
  3. Reduction of the negative effect of drugs on the liver and kidneys with long-term use of drugs (antibiotics and others).

With these goals, it is prescribed to take after a meal, 1 tablet three times a day.

The drug is used in other situations.

  1. янтарная кислота в таблетках фото Increased exercise.
  2. Alcoholic poisoning of the body.
  3. Heart failure.
  4. Allergy.
  5. Stimulation of the brain.
  6. Stress states that cause fatigue or drowsiness.

How to take a succinic acid from a hangover: an hour before the feast 100 mg, in 2-3 hours another 100 mg. Next, take the tablets every hour, but not more than 600 mg (6 tablets) per day. If you want to remove the morning hangover, then drink 2-3 tablets at once, then two hours later one more and then every hour until the symptoms disappear.

Can I take the drug for pregnant women?

янтарная кислота и беременность Acceptance of succinic acid during pregnancy contributes to the proper restructuring of the body and improves immunity to infectious diseases. The drug has a positive effect on the developing fetus, improves blood circulation, eliminates oxygen starvation and protects the baby and mother from various toxins.

Studies have shown that taking the drug during pregnancy reduces the risk of developing preeclampsia, reduces complications during childbirth to a minimum, contributes to the rapid recovery of the mother and increases the amount of milk.

Succinic Acid in Sport

янтарная кислота в спорте Succinic acid for athletes is shown as a means of improving immunity, which suffers during considerable physical exertion. In addition, it favorably affects the work of the heart, providing it with the necessary energy and oxygen. Since succinic acid is a natural stimulator of metabolic processes, is produced in the body and is not able to accumulate in organs and tissues, there are no side effects from its use.

The schedule of admission for athletes is as follows:

  • 500 mg once daily in the morning after meals;
  • after improving the state, reduce the dose to 100-250 mg per day, can be divided into 2-3 doses.

Often, athletes set an individual dose, focusing on well-being. If you use an increased amount of succinic acid (1500-3000 mg), the period of taking the drug should not exceed 10 days.

Increased doses can be taken in courses: three days to drink, then two days off and so on.

Amber acid in cosmetology

янтарная кислота в косметологии Regenerating and rejuvenating properties of succinic acid are used in cosmetology. It is widely used in such procedures as peeling, masks and massage. Use pure substance in powder form. Masks with succinic acid for the face have a rejuvenating effect, cleanse the skin and never cause allergies. This drug is also included in the composition of various creams and cosmetic milk.

For hair, succinic acid is applied in the form of masks or shampoo. The mask softens the curls, gives them elasticity and elasticity. Keep her hair should be within two hours. To get an amber shampoo, just add a few acid crystals to your regular shampoo and wash your hair. Regular use of such products improves hair growth and restores dull, damaged curls.

Amber acid for weight loss

использование янтарной кислоти для похудения Succinic acid itself does not have a fat burning effect. But the reviews of those who are on a diet, indicate that taking the drug greatly facilitates and accelerates the process of losing weight. Here are a few reasons for using succinic acid in this difficult period for every woman:

  • the drug relieves fatigue;
  • improves kidney function, has a slight diuretic effect and reduces swelling;
  • improves the absorption of nutrients and their processing into energy, and not into fat;
  • promotes good brain function and relieves nervous tension.

For those who have already lost weight, succinic acid will be useful if it is added to body cream. This balm increases skin firmness and elasticity and helps reduce stretch marks.

There are several schemes how to take succinic acid for weight loss.

  1. янтарная кислота порошок For two weeks, three tablets three times a day. Then take a week break and repeat the course.
  2. Monthly course. Within a month, drink a solution of succinic acid - 1 g of the drug per glass of water daily. It is necessary to drink the mixture through a straw, so as not to destroy the tooth enamel, and after taking it, rinse the mouth.
  3. Long reception. During the month, they take three pills a day, in cycles of 3/1 - take the drug for three days, then a day break.

With a long reception, you need to focus on your feelings and adjust the dosage as necessary.

Is there any harm from succinic acid

This is a weak organic acid and it causes irritation of the gastric mucosa, increases the secretion of gastric juice. Therefore, it is not recommended to take on an empty stomach.

There are succinic acid and other contraindications:

  • противопоказания употребления янтарной кислоты
    urolithiasis disease

    individual intolerance;

  • ischemic disease;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • severe renal impairment;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • increased acidity of gastric juice;
  • duodenal ulcer.

Side effects from taking the drug is not described, but if used improperly, you can cause irritation of the gastric mucosa and provoke gastritis. Also, regular drinking of solutions of this substance may cause harm to the tooth enamel.

Poisoning with succinic acid and succinates is impossible, it requires an extremely large dose. So, for mice, the lethal dose is 1.4 grams per kg, and for rats it is 2.26 grams per kg of live weight.

Let's summarize the above. Succinic acid in the composition of a living organism is a natural participant in the metabolism. The human body receives it both with food and synthesizes independently. It improves the conversion of energy from nutrients, contributes to the oxidation of oxidized products and stimulates the absorption of oxygen at the cellular level. Due to this, the drug has an antioxidant and anti-toxic effect, stimulates the metabolism in general.

Succinic acid is used in medicine for the treatment of infections and poisoning of various kinds. Athletes drink it as a natural stimulant and agent that increases the performance of the heart muscle, to recover from hard training. Taking the drug during weight loss facilitates the process and relieves nervous tension, and cosmetologists use it as a regenerating component of masks, scrubs and creams.

The harm and benefits of succinic acid as a means against cell aging has been discussed for a long time. It is proved that taking the drug by older people has a positive effect on overall health. But this remedy also has contraindications - you cannot take it with high acidity, severe kidney diseases, patients suffering from stomach ulcers.