snake poison

змеиный яд Snake venom - this phrase is not the most pleasant associations in humans. It is clear why, because such a life product of snakes most often leads to deterioration of health. But it is only in natural conditions, if the snake has bitten a man. Fashionistas and people who care about their health know that snake venom is used in many areas of life. Cosmetology and medicine have long adopted this natural component in the creation of drugs that help people.

What properties does this substance have? When does poison help us? And in what cases it should beware? Consider some options for the use of snake venom.

The composition of snake venom and its types

Snake venom is a product of the activity of specific poison glands (altered salivary glands), which are located behind the eyes of a snake. This toxic substance enters the body of the victim through poisonous teeth. Few people wonder why this potent toxic substance even in minute quantities has such a pronounced effect on the body. Snake venom primarily affects the vital organs and has no artificial counterparts.

состав змеиного яда и его виды

On the territory of Russia and Belarus there are more than 58 species of snakes, of which 11 are venomous. The composition of snake venom depends on the type of these reptiles. Its main active ingredients are complex proteins and polypeptides (molecules containing more than 10 different amino acids), enzymes and microelements.

According to their effect on the human body, the following types of snake venom are distinguished.

  1. разновидности змей Poison containing neuro and cardiotropic toxins. They are in the poison of the cobra, sea snakes and asps. The secret of their glands acts depressingly on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  2. Hemorrhagic, necrotizing and hemocoagulant action. These high-molecular proteins are present in the venom of vipers and moccasins. How does such a snake venom in humans? Edema is formed at the site of the bite, the circulatory system is disturbed, and tissue necrosis (necrosis) occurs.

The composition of poisons depends on the presence and production of certain proteins and amino acids in the body of a snake.

This specific effect of the secret of snake glands on the body formed the basis for the creation of many medicinal substances and cosmetic products. In small quantities and in the right hands, toxic substances can be of benefit to humans.

How to use snake venom in medicine

In its pure form, the secret of snake glands is not used in medical practice. The most commonly used diluted solution with the addition of glycerin, preservatives, stabilizers and other necessary components. The benefits of snake venom are due to its properties. First of all, it is the effect on the nervous system and the ability to cause local skin reaction. Substance is used in the form of solution for injections, creams, ointments. What can help such funds?

The healing properties of snake venom have the following characteristics.

  1. как используют змеиный яд в медицине As part of medical ointments, snake venom has anti-inflammatory properties. Neurotropic toxins work as a local anesthetic. These substances reduce pain, reduce inflammation at the site of application, increase blood flow in the affected area. Due to such healing properties, the healing process goes much faster with inflammation of muscles, joints, neuralgia, and some skin diseases.
  2. Such remedies help if there are chronic processes in the spine and nervous system. They reduce pain during the exacerbation of polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatic lesions of the joints. Snake venom-based drugs improve the absorption of anti-inflammatory drugs and contribute to a deeper penetration of local physiotherapeutic methods of influencing tissues.
  3. Snake poison in medicine is used in emergency situations. He was taken as a basis for the production of serum, neutralizing the poison of vipers after a bite. In the case of timely treatment the victim manages to save his life and avoid possible health complications in the future.
  4. исследования в эффективности лечения змеиным ядом Constantly conducted new research in the effectiveness of treatment with snake venom. Methods for treating cancer and treating the effects of diabetes using this substance are being developed. The poison can retard the growth and development of cancer cells.
  5. In different dosages of different types of snakes, the secret of their glands affects the blood: it dilutes or promotes its coagulation.

Any remedy that includes snake venom should be prescribed only by a specialist because of possible side effects. Do not use this cream or ointment without consulting with your doctor and without prior examination.

What is snake venom treatment called? Poison therapy or "snake therapy" has been used for a long time. Our ancestors believed that snakes can resurrect the dead, help with infertility. Their secret improves the immune system of our body, saves from tuberculosis, promotes hair growth with complete baldness and relieves asthma attacks. And, although many myths have long been in the past, scientists are still exploring the mechanisms of the influence of such substances on the systems of human organs.

The use of snake venom in cosmetology

крема и мази на основе змеиного яда Those who want to stay forever young are constantly experimenting with unusual means of saving youth. The secret of the special glands of reptiles, has found its place of application in this area.
Snake venom is used in cosmetology for smoothing wrinkles - it replaces botox. That is, such a tool is not analog, but in terms of the final effect, they are similar. Poison at the site of application helps to smooth facial wrinkles. These age-related changes in some cases are reduced by 40–50% with prolonged use of creams with a “poisonous” component.

Use creams and cosmetics as well:

  • in massage parlors for the skin;
  • in the East, tinctures with snake venom are used as a medicine to increase potency;
  • it is added to shampoos to improve hair growth.

How does snake venom in the human body

What happens in humans after a snake bite? The clinical picture depends on the type of reptile, the place of the bite and other factors.

  1. действие змеиного яд на организм человека After being bitten by a viper or a snake from the genus of shchitomordnikov, a local reaction develops rapidly: pain, swelling of the tissue, discoloration of the skin at the site of the bite. In severe cases, edema quickly spreads to the whole body.
  2. In the first 20-40 minutes, symptoms of shock appear: pallor of the skin, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, weakness, sometimes fainting occurs.
  3. How does snake venom affect blood? The work of the whole blood coagulation system is disrupted, a little later the DIC syndrome develops (the hardest state of the circulatory system, leading to the deterioration of the work of all organs).
  4. Later, there are complications in the work of the heart, liver, kidneys, tissue necrosis, gangrene of the toes and hands.
  5. After a cobra bite, the local reaction is insignificant. There is numbness in the bite area, edema is negligible, skin color does not change.
  6. After 15–20 minutes of poisoning with snake venom, weakness, drooling, vomiting appears, coordination of movements, muscle paralysis is disturbed, speech is disturbed, and breathing is difficult.

How to help the victim of a snake bite?

  1. помощь пострадавшему от укуса змеи The injured person needs to ensure complete rest and immediately deliver to the hospital.
  2. In the first 10 minutes, squeeze out or suck poison drops. In a remote place, you can do it yourself with a plastic syringe with a cut off spout.
  3. The victim must be assigned a copious warm drink, excluding alcohol.
  4. It is impossible to impose a tourniquet on the affected limb - this will accelerate the development of the process of its poisoning.

Is snake venom a good or bad product? It all depends on the situation. Any, even an expensive and perfect cream or drug, if used improperly or inadequately administered, will work worse than a toxic substance. Therefore, before using any means, find out more about it from a specialist and do not use it without a doctor's prescription.