How to drink activated carbon to cleanse the body

пачка активированного угля Activated carbon is present in almost any home medicine chest. And this is not surprising, because the drug has proven itself in various types of poisoning, and its cost compared to other modern adsorbents is simply ridiculous. This sorbent has found its use not only as a means of first aid for acute intoxication. It is recommended to pay attention to those who care about their health, monitor their weight and practice cleansing the body from toxins.

How to take activated carbon to cleanse the body, and in what other cases this adsorbent will be useful - this will be discussed in our article.

What is activated carbon

результат очищения активированным углём

The remarkable properties of coal are primarily due to its natural origin. Activated carbon is made from natural materials, without making any chemical additives. It is made by heating organic compounds in closed containers without oxygen. The result is a substance with a porous structure, which is capable of absorbing, like a sponge, various low-molecular compounds, namely:

  • токсины и шлаки в организме
    toxins in the body


  • bacterial and plant toxins;
  • harmful metabolic products;
  • gastric acid;
  • bile, products of its exchange;
  • alcohol and its derivatives.

Coal is a chemically inert substance, that is, it does not react and is not absorbed in the intestine. Having taken poisons and toxins onto itself, the drug leaves the human body after about 12 hours in a natural way - along with feces. Activated carbon belongs to the group of adsorbents. And, although compared with other drugs of this series, activated carbon has the lowest sorption capacity, low cost and natural origin compensates for this disadvantage.

It is produced in the form of black porous tablets of 0.25 grams packed in paper blisters.

There are also ways to cleanse the body with white activated carbon. But you need to know that this is a slightly different drug, its active ingredient is a powder like white clay. By its properties, it is also an adsorbent, but it will have slightly different dosages and indications for administration.

Features of the use of activated carbon

доза активированного угля To understand how to properly take activated carbon to cleanse the body, you need to know some of the features of this drug and adhere to the rules of its use.

  1. Activated carbon adsorbs on its surface not only harmful substances, but also nutrients - glucose, amino acids, vitamins, mineral components of food and other useful substances. Then how to drink activated carbon to cleanse the body - before or after meals? It is necessary to take pills in the intervals between meals, when nutrients have already been absorbed from the intestine into the blood. As a rule, they take pills either two hours before meals, or the same after it.
  2. The same rule applies when taking drugs in parallel. It is impossible to combine activated carbon and drugs - it simply neutralizes them and they will not work or will work in half. They take breaks of at least one hour between tablets.
  3. Activated carbon is not absorbed in the intestines, so it has a local effect. It can be taken almost without restrictions. The drug has a small list of contraindications, we will tell about them in a separate chapter. Here we note that coal can be taken without any fear to pregnant women and children.
  4. Tablets before use is recommended to crush into a powder and dilute in half a glass of plain or boiled water. Get a thick suspension of grayish color. Her and need to drink. You can simply chew and swallow the required number of tablets with water, but in this case, the effectiveness of the drug will be slightly lower, and the effect will appear a little later.

Indications for taking the drug a lot. Let's start with how to apply activated carbon to cleanse the body.

Cleaning the body of toxins and toxins with activated carbon is carried out in order to remove from the intestine harmful metabolic products that accumulate in the mucous sediments on the intestinal wall. Such purification is especially recommended for those who suffer from bouts of flatulence - coal perfectly adsorbs the resulting gases.

The rules for taking the drug are as follows:

  • девушка принимает активированный уголь dosage - one tablet per 10 kg of body weight;
  • daily dose is divided into two or three doses;
  • take pills one hour before meals;
  • the course of purification lasts from three to seven days in a row;
  • per day take at least 14 and no more than 30 tablets.

You can also take an intermittent course of purification. Tablets are drunk once a day, in the morning half an hour before meals. Then eat a light breakfast. They do this two days in a week, on the other days they do not take the drug. Total course of purification lasts eight weeks.

Receiving activated carbon for weight loss

активированный уголь и диета Many women practice cleansing of the body with activated carbon for weight loss. The effect of the drug is explained by cleansing the intestines from slags, reducing gas formation and normalizing the activity of the entire digestive tract. In the case of overeating, activated carbon takes on some of the nutrients, and also adsorbs those harmful metabolic products that are formed in the intestines when food does not have time to be processed by the body in time.

In order to lose weight, coal is taken one tablet per 10 kg of body weight for 14 days. Tablets drink chrome on an empty stomach one hour before meals. In a parallel course, take complex vitamin preparations to avoid hypovitaminosis. Vitamins drink a few hours after activated charcoal.

Long-term use of pills can lead to problems with bowel movements. To avoid such trouble you need to drink more water.

However, you will have to follow a diet with weight loss with activated charcoal - nutrition should be light and varied. There are no strict restrictions, but protein foods are welcome.

пробиотики It is also recommended to restore the intestinal microflora. Although activated carbon itself does not affect the vital activity of the beneficial microbes of the intestine, but this period of cleaning slags is a good moment to colonize the body with the necessary bacteria. For this purpose, take probiotics:

  • Baktistatin;
  • Baktisubtil;
  • "Bifidumbacterin Forte";
  • "Bifidumbacterin";
  • "Atsipol";
  • пробиотик "Biosporin";
  • Beefilong;
  • Linex;
  • Bifacil;
  • "Bifiliz";
  • "Subalin";
  • "Kolibakterin";
  • "Lactobacterin";
  • "Sporobacterin".

Other indications for the use of activated carbon

Cleansing the body with activated carbon for allergies is practiced in the complex therapy of food and skin allergic reactions. Usually in such cases, the medicine is prescribed by a doctor. A two-week course is recommended during which food restrictions are observed: minimum fatty, spicy, sweet.

девушка отравилась Take activated carbon and poisoning .

  1. At the first signs of the disease you need to drink from 5 to 8 tablets. A few hours later. Reception duration - until the symptoms disappear (nausea, diarrhea).
  2. If the intoxication is chronic, then continue to drink 2-4 tablets three to four times a day for 5 days, but no more.
  3. In case of alcohol poisoning, the drug is taken in the same way as in normal. For preventive purposes, they take 3-4 tablets before and after the meal.

Activated carbon is shown in preparation for an abdominal ultrasound scan. It is taken 1-2 days before the examination, together with a diet without gas-forming products.


There are few contraindications for cleansing the body with activated charcoal, but they are:

  • ulcerative lesions of the stomach and duodenum;
  • tendency to gastric bleeding;
  • simultaneous reception of anti-toxic substances;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug.

Side effects

побочные эффекты при применении активированного угля

With long-term use of pills, side effects develop:

  • hypovitaminosis;
  • violation of the absorption of nutrients from the intestine;
  • difficulty bowel movement;
  • staining of feces in a dark color.

Thus, activated carbon is a good tool for cleansing the intestines from slags and toxins. It is practically harmless, but long-term use of the drug can cause a deficiency of amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients that the sorbent will remove along with slags. Therefore, it is recommended to take pills for no more than two weeks, while adhering to a balanced diet.