Is there an antidote to alcohol or how quickly sober up

похмелье Do you want to be in shape after a heavy drink the next morning? Need a quick and effective recipe with minimal effort? For this we need an antidote of alcohol.

Let's try to find out what it is, whether there are antidotes for ethanol, which drugs can affect the breakdown of alcohol in the body when they are used. We will also analyze how alcohol is removed from the body.

What is an alcoholic antidote

antidot alkogolja In general, the word "antidote" means an antidote. That is, the antidote neutralizes the toxic substance in the body, with the formation of harmless products, which then leave it naturally. What is the antidote alcohol? This remedy neutralizes alcohol.

The only non-specific antidote of alcohol is activated charcoal. He copes well with the breeding of not yet absorbed portions of ethanol. More about this more talk. Specific antidotes alcohol does not exist! But there is something else. About this next.

Drugs forming intolerance to ethanol

For drugs that form intolerance to alcohol, is a special group of drugs. Let us touch on several representatives.

  1. эспераль Esperal Once in the body, ethanol is broken down to form acetaldehyde, which is neutralized by the action of enzymes. Esperal blocks the breakdown of acetaldehyde and leads to its accumulation in the blood. Since it is a toxic substance, it causes poisoning. Intoxication with acetaldehyde is manifested by the appearance of purple face color, palpitations, feelings of fear, nausea, and repeated vomiting. This commercial analogue of Disulfiram is used in order to form intolerance to ethanol, to develop a conditioned-reflex aversion to alcohol. The drug is used to treat alcohol dependence.
  2. Teturam. This is another synonym for Disulfiram. Use pills for insertion under the skin (when encoding) and ingestion. He forms an aversion to the mere mention of ethyl alcohol.
  3. Cyanamide is a drug of a similar mechanism of action. It is less toxic than Esperal. His period of validity is shorter. It is also produced under the commercial name Colme. The drug is used to prevent disruptions in chronic alcoholics.

It is important to know that the formation of a conditioned reflex is carried out in a hospital; it can be dangerous to use these methods at home. They can not be used for removal from binge. What to do for those who are not dependent on alcohol? How to quickly remove alcohol from the body?

Sobering recipes

активированный уголь The use of activated carbon prevents absorption of ethyl alcohol and thus contributes to the gradual elimination of alcohol from the blood. Take it at least 3 times a day 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight for a single dose with mild and moderate intoxication.

Common tonic agents can be used to activate nervous activity during intoxication. For example, fragrant vanilla fruits stimulate muscle activity and reduce drowsiness. This group includes Sapral. It is made from the roots of Aralia Manchu and is available in tablets. Reception is carried out 3 times a day.

Contraindications for general tonics are:

  • excited state;
  • epilepsy;
  • mental disorders;
  • tinctures cannot also be used, otherwise there will be no proper effect;
  • if the medicine is taken in the evening, a sleep disturbance may occur.

What else to remove alcohol from the blood?

  1. мочегонные травы
    Diuretic herbs

    The combination of abundant intake of fluid and diuretic herbs helps to accelerate the purification of blood from ethanol. Diuretic fees, consisting of bearberry, cornflower, juniper, licorice enhance the excretion of fluid, and with it, and alcohol. Drinking mode must comply with the development of dehydration.

  2. Promote the rapid neutralization of alcohol - enzymes. They break down ethanol and remove it from the intestine, preventing it from being absorbed. If you take, for example, Festal or Pancreatin during a feast, then this will prevent the onset of intoxication or it will be much less than expected.
  3. Means that increase the speed of the evacuation of food from the intestines by stimulating peristalsis, also accelerate the elimination of alcohol. This reduces the absorption of alcohol, but only due to another mechanism. Examples of drugs: Metoclopramide, Reglan.
  4. How to remove the remnants of alcohol from the body using cumin oil? It has a good choleretic effect, and slows down the absorption of alcohol into the blood. If you mix it with lemon juice and honey, you can get a boost in bile excretion. A complex of 3 components enhance the flow of bile into the intestines, and with it the elimination of ethanol. For one-time intake, it is recommended to use no more than 1 teaspoon of oil, the maximum daily dose is 1 tablespoon. The method can not be used for liver diseases, the presence of stones in the gallbladder, biliary tract and gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
  5. In addition to cumin oil, Almagel, Maalox and other preparations have an enveloping effect. They reduce acidity and slow down the flow of alcohol into the blood.
  6. молоко с медом The combination of enveloping and choleretic effect gives a drunk glass of milk with honey.

It also helps:

  • cool water procedures: dip your head in a basin with cold water or take a shower;
  • visiting the bath, active exercise increase sweating and reduce the alcohol content in the blood;
  • mental exercises;
  • taking vitamin complexes.

Since there is no true alcoholic antidote, it remains to use the methods of sobering up with the help of general tonic, enveloping, diuretic, enzyme, choleretic agents, motility enhancing drugs, which allows to relieve intoxication. It is permissible to use them in isolated cases. If drunkenness takes serious turns and binges appear, the treatment in this case is carried out by a psychiatrist together with a narcologist with drugs that form intolerance and aversion to ethanol.