Antidotes, drugs, sorbents

As an antidote against poisons, various substances and mixtures are used which neutralize or weaken the action of the toxin. The choice of an antidote depends on the type and nature of the poisoning agent, and the effectiveness of the antidote depends on how well the poison was determined and how long the antidote was taken after poisoning. This rubric is devoted to the description of all antidotes and sorbents that remove toxins from the body, medicines that help to cope with poisoning.

Description of the drug "Unithiol" - the mechanism of action, use as an antidote.

How "Laktofiltrum" helps with poisoning, including in children, dosage.

How to use "Enterofuril" in case of poisoning, including the child, are there any analogues.

Dosage and methods of use "Polysorb MP" for different types of poisoning.

What are absorbents, adsorbents, enterosorbents, natural sorbents, their application.

How to take "Phosphalugel" with food, alcohol poisoning, children.

What sorbents to give to children in case of poisoning: drugs, dosage.

How to take "Smektu" in case of food poisoning, alcohol, in children, pregnant women.

Using Enterosgel in alcoholic, food, drug poisoning.

Rehydron - a description of its use in adults and children, how to make it yourself.

How to quickly remove alcohol from the body and sober up.

What is the antidote, symptomatic treatment in its absence.

Do I need Levomycetin in case of poisoning, its indications and contraindications.

When they are shown for use, and when not. What drugs are more suitable.

What antidote can be taken with mercury poisoning, list.