Insect bites and animals

A rubric devoted to the description of bites by animals and insects, including poisonous ones. How to treat the bite site, provide first aid to the victim, what treatment is needed, preventive measures - we discuss all this here.

What is dangerous bite midges, how to treat edema, allergies, which can not be done.

What snakes live in Russia, what to do when a bite - symptoms, help, treatment.

Consequences of a cat bite, when to consult a doctor, first aid, complications.

Head, clothes, pubic lice - how to get rid of, treatment of bites, photos.

The danger of bedbug bites, home treatment with folk remedies.

How to remove the itch from a flea bite, than to anoint, remove edema, folk remedies.

What to do if you have bitten horsefight: symptoms, treatment, how to remove edema.

Folk remedies to remove swelling, eliminate itching, help children.

The benefits and harm of a bee sting, what to do at the same time, first aid and treatment.

What are the consequences of an ant bite, symptoms, treatment, is there any benefit.

Description of first aid for the bite of a wasp, including folk remedies.

What is dangerous tick bite, how to give first aid, to what doctor to contact.

What are dangerous dog bites, all about rabies, how to treat a wound, when to see a doctor.