Drugs removing toxins from the body

детоксикация организма In the modern world, it is impossible to completely protect your body from intoxication. In connection with the development of production and engineering, the emergence of new factories and plants, a significant increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, the number of harmful and hazardous chemicals released into the atmosphere is increasing. They are almost everywhere: dissolved in the air, deposited on the ground, plants and skin, products, enter the living quarters, drinking water.

Over time, accumulating in the body, toxic substances poison all organs and systems, leading to the development of acute or chronic intoxication.

Detoxification methods and drugs used

Depending on the type of toxin (heavy metals, ethylene glycol, carbon monoxide and sulfur, drugs, poisonous mushrooms, chemical production substances, etc.), the severity of the lesion and the presence of a particular symptom, since the moment of poisoning, certain drugs are used to detoxify the body. For acute severe poisoning in the hospital, a combined detox is often used.

Intravenous Drug Administration

препараты для детоксикации Parenteral administration of special solutions is used for severe poisoning and only in the hospital under the supervision of a physician. Use the following drugs:

  • Hemodez H;
  • Reamberin;
  • Reosorbilact;
  • Neocompensant;
  • Reopoliglyukin;
  • Gelatinol.

Here is a list of the most effective drugs injected into a vein drip.

The action of drugs:

  • detoxification (neutralization and elimination of toxins, cleansing of organs);
  • antioxidant effect (inhibit the oxidation of organic compounds, lipids, proteins);
  • improve the rheological properties of blood (reduce viscosity, thin) and microcirculation in tissues;
  • antihypoxic effect (blood saturation with oxygen and improvement of metabolic processes).

Often, detoxification drugs supplement the introduction of albumin or vitamin C.

The above solutions for removing toxins from the body should be applied strictly as prescribed by the doctor in the necessary dosage for each individual patient! Independent use of them at home is unacceptable!

Hemodez and hemodialysis

таблетки для выведения токсинов Procedures relate to extracorporeal ("outside the body") methods of purifying blood from toxins and are performed under conditions of a small operating room.

During hemosorption, all poisons are removed from the blood by adsorption (toxin on the surface of the sorbent) and absorption (inside the sorbent) on an ion exchange resin or activated carbon.

Hemosorption is used in case of poisoning with drugs and chemical poisons also in case of acute hepatic failure.

Hemodialysis is based on filtering blood through a semipermeable membrane. The method is used in acute and chronic renal failure, poisoning with salts of heavy metals.

Both methods have their own contraindications and features.

Forced diuresis

выведение токсинов форсированный диурез The method is based on artificially increasing urination. For this purpose, diuretic drugs are used intravenously, removing toxins from the body:

  • hypertonic glucose solution (40%);
  • sodium chloride solution;
  • Mannitol;
  • Furosemide;
  • Torasemide

Under their influence, the amount of urine excreted per day increases, and, accordingly, of all slags.

Summarizing, it should be said that the preparations for all the above methods of detoxification: hemosorption, hemodialysis, forced diuresis are used only in hospitals and under medical supervision.


вывод токсинов These are medications that bind and remove toxins for ingestion. The most famous and effective:

  • Enterosgel;
  • Polyphepane;
  • Polysorb;
  • Smecta;
  • White clay.

These drugs can be used independently, preferably in the early stages of poisoning. Sorbents are produced in the form of powders, granules, gel, suspension. There are also tablets for removing toxins from the body, for example, activated charcoal.

The mechanism of action of all sorbents is finding, absorbing toxins on the surface and removing these complexes from the body. Drugs are not absorbed into the blood but act directly inside the stomach and intestines. The faster the medicine is taken, the higher its effectiveness will be.


препараты при детоксикации An antidote is a specific antidote to a particular type of toxin. The drugs inhibit the effect of poison, but do not eliminate the developed disorders and injuries in organs and tissues, therefore, they are used in combination with other drugs (glucose solution, sodium and potassium chloride, albumin, and others).

The list of antidotes for today is quite large, but the most used ones are:

  • Unithiol;
  • Kuprenil.

Unithiol is a universal antidote and is used for poisoning with metals, carbon and drugs. Kuprenil is a complexing agent. When ingested, it binds to the toxin and removes it through the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract.

Herbal and homeopathic medicines

detoksikacia lehenie travami Herbal decoctions and herbal tinctures have long been used to eliminate toxins by increasing intestinal motility and urination. With urine and intestinal contents, a large amount of slags, poisons, and metabolic products is flushed out of the body.

Herbs with a diuretic and laxative effect include: dandelion root and burdock, thistle, echinacea, blueberry, horsetail, and many others. As a rule, ready-made collections with a similar mechanism of action in the form of tea bags or tablets are sold in a pharmacy. For example, Detoxical is a drug for detoxifying the body based on herbal ingredients and vitamins.

Well-known homeopathic medicines of the German company Heel are: Lymphomyosot, Berberis-Gomaccord, Nux-vomica. The complex of these drugs not only removes slags, but also has a beneficial effect on many systems and organs at the cellular level.

How not to harm yourself by detoxing at home

детоксикаци гиповитаминоз It is important to remember one simple rule! Any preparation for removing toxins from the body is not so harmless. The fact is that a certain percentage of substances that are useful and important for the body (vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins) are removed with the slags. A lot of trace elements are lost with urine and feces, so with diuretic and laxative drugs you need to be especially careful.

When carrying out detoxification at home, there is a risk of hypovitaminosis, loss of electrolytes and metabolic disorders, deterioration of the function of the endocrine and immune systems, which can lead to the development of dangerous diseases and complications.

Before any procedure associated with the removal of toxins from the body, you should consult with your doctor and pass the minimum necessary examination (blood and urine, ultrasound of internal organs, ECG).

The detoxification program, its duration and the drugs used are also prescribed by the attending physician! Properly carried out procedure under the supervision of a specialist will benefit and will not cause any complications.