What does Regidron help with and how to use it

лекарство регидрон Poisoning occur frequently. The reasons for this may be different, but the recommendation remains unchanged in such situations to use the drug Regidron. This tool appeared long ago. It helps both adults and children.

Let's try to understand what is used Regidron and how to use it properly. No less interesting is the question of whether it can be replaced or prepared on its own.

What is Regidron

регидрон To properly apply this drug, you need to know what is and from which helps Regidron.

It is white powder. Without smell. It is quickly dissolved in water. It is used for preparation of the solution used inside. Its composition is very simple: sodium chloride and citrate, potassium chloride, glucose. These are substances that are lost by the body in case of poisoning with vomit and liquid stools. Such symptoms accompany almost any poisoning.

Loss of fluid and electrolytes leads to dehydration of the body, a shift in blood pH to the acidic side and disruption of the work of the most important organs and systems. Timely reception of a balanced solution of Regidron, which contains the necessary trace elements and sugar, allows you to compensate for the loss and prevent the serious consequences of poisoning.

How to cook and use regidron

For a start, let's figure out how to breed Regidron. Cooking technology is very simple. A single dose of powder is contained in a separate bag. In order to prepare a solution of the required concentration, one liter of water, preferably boiled, will be required. The temperature should be room temperature or close to body temperature.

The solution obtained is suitable for 24 hours. Keep refrigerated.

The use of rehydron in poisoning

лечение регидроном To get the maximum positive effect of treatment, you need to know how to take Regidron for poisoning.

During treatment, you need to follow some rules.

  1. Do not add anything to the solution to improve the taste.
  2. Drink in small sips, but often, as a large amount of fluid taken at one time, can cause another attack of vomiting.
  3. Before each use, the solution must be mixed.
  4. To use irrespective of meal.

There are certain recommendations how to drink regidron to adults.

During the first hour, the required amount of solution is calculated in such a way that 10 pounds of liquid is released per kilogram of weight. For example, a person who has a weight of about 70 kg needs to drink 700 ml of solution. As the state improves, the dose can be reduced to 5 ml per kg of weight. If the seizures of vomiting are resumed, the amount of the solution injected increases to the original volume.

This treatment is not contraindicated for pregnant women. Negative impact on the health of the mother, and on the well-being of the future baby, the medicine does not have. Side effects with the right approach are unlikely.

How to take regidron children

отравление ребенка In childhood poisoning can be very difficult. Diarrhea and repeated vomiting lead to severe dehydration, which can occur quite quickly. Therefore, Regidron should always be present in the first-aid kit. While taking the drug is required to carefully monitor the condition of the child. At the slightest deterioration, an urgent need to call a doctor.

Before you begin treatment, you need to familiarize yourself with how to take Regidron children. Rehydration needs to be done very carefully. You can give the solution from a teaspoon or pipette every 5 minutes. Older children can drink in small sips.

The dose for children is calculated slightly differently than in adults. From 1 kg of body weight, from 25 to 60 ml of the prepared Regidron solution is required, depending on the severity of the condition. This amount is required to be taken within 10 hours. If the condition improves, further treatment can be continued with the amount of solution at the rate of 10 ml per kilogram of baby weight.

пропорции регидрона When vomiting in a child, Regidron should be given 10 minutes after the attack. You can freeze the solution in small portions and after vomiting put a small ice cube on the tongue, which reduces the urge to vomit. As the water melts, it is gradually absorbed in the mouth. This method is applicable only to children who are already able to eat solid food.

Continue treatment until the end of fluid loss as a result of diarrhea and vomiting. Sometimes it takes 3-4 days.

Contraindications using Regidron

As with any drug, Rehydron has contraindications:

  • тест на сахарный диабет
    blood test for diabetes

    1st and 2nd type of diabetes;

  • excess potassium in the body;
  • high blood pressure numbers;
  • severe renal failure;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • individual intolerance;
  • unconscious state.

What threatens overdose of Regidron

It is necessary to observe the recommended dose of the drug, since the excess of trace elements that are part of it can lead to serious consequences, such as hypernatremia - an excess of sodium in the blood plasma when there is insufficient water. In this case, the following symptoms will appear:

  • усталость

    change of consciousness: confusion, drowsiness, possible coma;

  • violation of the nervous system in the form of increased neuromuscular excitability and seizures;
  • muscle weakness and paralysis;
  • can stop breathing;
  • metabolic alkalosis — a pH shift to the alkaline side — leads to impaired ventilation of the lungs and the appearance of tetanic convulsions when muscles contract throughout the body.

If there are signs of overdose, discontinue treatment and consult a doctor immediately!

How at home to make Regidron

замена регидрона There are situations when treatment is required immediately, and the necessary means is not at hand. There are ways how at home to make a solution like Regidron.

To prepare the solution requires a liter of water, preferably boiled. Add 3–3.5 grams of common salt, 2–2.5 grams of baking soda and 20–30 grams of sugar. All this is thoroughly mixed and consumed as a pharmaceutical preparation.

There is a simpler option, where you do not need to measure everything in grams. It is necessary to add 500 ml of water to a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and soda. Then add 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar.

The disadvantage of the first two recipes is the absence of potassium in the solution, as in the original preparation. If the house has potassium chloride, then you can prepare a tool that is even closer to Regidron. This will require half a teaspoon of regular salt, soda and potassium chloride. This mixture is added to a liter of water. There also add sugar in the amount of 4 tablespoons. Stir and take.

Analogs of Regidron

If for some reason the necessary medication is not in the pharmacy, the price is not satisfactory, there is no information on how to replace Regidron at home, or the necessary ingredients are not available, then you can use other medicines.

  1. Hydrovit Forte is much cheaper, but its content of active substances is much lower. One bag is designed for 200 ml of water. During the day, an adult needs to drink a solution at the rate of 20 to 60 ml for each kilogram of weight.
  2. аналог регидрона Trigidron - has a similar composition. Salt and glucose content is higher than Hydrovit Forte contains. The bag is designed for 500 ml of water.
  3. Citraglukosolan - available in three versions. Depending on the weight of the bags, they contain more or less salt and sugar. There are three dosages. You can choose the most suitable option for yourself or your child.
  4. Reosolan is also presented in three dosages. Bags with different weights are intended for dilution in boiled water in 100, 500 or 1000 ml.

The use of Rehydron for alcohol intoxication

регидрон при алкогольной интоксикации Rehydron with alcohol intoxication can be very useful. Acceptance of alcoholic beverages in excessively large quantities leads to the formation of toxic products of its metabolism - aldehydes. As a result, blood pressure decreases, which is accompanied by tachycardia. The nervous system and digestive organs suffer. This, in turn, may be accompanied by vomiting, leading to dehydration and loss of electrolytes. In addition, some drinks have a diuretic.

The use of large amounts of fluid helps to eliminate toxins from the body and increase blood pressure. The potassium and sodium contained in the Rehydron solution replenishes lost trace elements, improving the functioning of the nervous system and the heart. Glucose is a source of energy for the brain. This carbohydrate helps the liver cope with harmful substances. As a result, well-being improves significantly.

Thus, a drug that has a simple composition can be very effective in various situations. The composition of Regidron is easy to repeat if necessary. But, like any drug, it should be used carefully and competently to avoid unnecessary consequences.