Is it possible to take "Enterofuril" in case of poisoning?

лекарство «Энтерофурил» Treatment of certain conditions is associated with specific medications. Furacilin is associated with washing of wounds, activated carbon with poisoning, and nifuroxazide with diarrhea. Any traveler will hedge against diarrhea and take diarrhea medication. In field conditions, microbial contamination of water or food, especially vegetables and fruits, often takes place. Therefore, food intake in this situation can result in poisoning. Food contaminated with bacteria causes intestinal infections. There is only one way out in this situation, the infection should be treated with antimicrobial drugs.

Nitrofurans are widely used in the treatment of infectious genesis poisoning. Some of the unique features of this group of drugs played an important role. A bright representative of this group is Enterofuril. The active substance, which is nifuroxazide. Thanks to its ability to quickly suppress the infection, Enterofuril, in case of poisoning, became the drug of choice, even when the pathogen is still unknown (empirical approach).

"Enterofuril" - an antibiotic or not?

A very simple question, whether Enterofuril is an antibiotic, will put many people at a dead end. Yes, according to the result of action, nitrofurans are similar to antibiotics, but they are completely different in origin.

«Энтерофурил» — антибиотик или нет

What brings them closer?

  1. They belong to the same group - antimicrobial drugs.
  2. They kill pathogens.
  3. Nitrofurans are taken under the same conditions as antibiotics.

What makes them different?

An antibiotic is a product of microbial activity. Microbes, in order to survive, create deadly substances for other germs. Humanity forced the microbes to work for themselves. First, these substances are isolated, and then used to treat diseases caused by other microbes.

The production of nitrofurans has nothing to do with microorganisms. This is a creation of human hands. Some kind of chemical structure is created that breaks one of the functions of the bacteria and eventually it dies.

производство антибиотиков
nitrofuran feedstock

Production of antibiotics is expensive. Microorganisms need to grow, isolate, clean and plus improve. The antibiotics of the first stage are actually outdated, so they are improved, new properties are added, and the formula is complicated.

For nitrofurans need inexpensive raw materials-furfural - corn cobs, sawdust or other similar products.

Modern antibiotics are more powerful, have a wide spectrum of action, require smaller doses, are less commonly accepted.

Nitrofurans are more specific, active in a narrow range of diseases. It would be more correct to say that nitrofurans are not antibiotics, they are antimicrobial drugs.

Use of Enterofuril in case of poisoning.

The source of poisoning is bacteria and protozoa that enter the body via the fecal-oral route. Infection occurs in everyday life, through water or food. The massive nature of the poisoning has a summer period. Viruses are the culprits of intoxication in the winter. "Enterofuril" in food poisoning can be used at any time of the year, if the cause is:

  • применение «Энтерофурил» при отравлении E. coli;
  • cholera vibrio;
  • salmonella;
  • shigella;
  • staphylococci or streptococci.

Places with low sanitary and hygienic conditions have a high percentage of colonization with Escherichia coli. The disease usually occurs after a day or a few hours. Begins nauseated, there is disgust for food, later vomiting joins. There are all signs of infectious poisoning.

Is it possible to use Enterofuril in infectious poisoning? No doubt there are all indications.

  1. "Enterofuril" will eliminate the cause of the poisoning, and, therefore, the reproduction of the pathogen will stop. What are the symptoms of reproduction? First of all, a rise in temperature. The purpose of the appointment of "Enterofuril" in case of poisoning with temperature is to kill the microbes and the temperature will drop by itself.
  2. Another consequence of the multiplication of bacteria is vomiting. Thus, the body is trying to "cleanse" from bacteria and their toxins. "Enterofuril" with vomiting will help our body to overcome the infection and eliminate the gag reflex.
  3. применение «Энтерофурила» Along with vomiting, the body's defensive reaction is diarrhea. "Enterofuril" in case of poisoning without diarrhea occurs in the appointment, if the poisoning was accompanied by vomiting, temperature. If viruses become the cause of the poisoning or there is a mild course of poisoning, then the use of Enterofuril is meaningless.

“Enterofuril” in case of poisoning in adults is taken 1 capsule (200 mg) four times a day. The course is up to seven days. Relief comes after 2 days, so the reception, as a rule, stop. Especially for such cases there is a package of 8 tablets. Just for two days!

In order for a medicine to be used in pediatric practice, it must meet certain requirements:

  • «Энтерофурил» при отравлении у ребёнка to be effective against the germs that caused the poisoning;
  • be the safest of all antimicrobial agents;
  • should be easily dosed;
  • taste good.

"Enterofuril" in case of poisoning in children meets all the requirements of the ideal drug. It is effective against bacteria that cause food poisoning. This is E. coli, Salmonella, Shigella. On them, it acts bacteriostatically - the bacteria freeze and stop multiplying, and also kills bactericidal. At minimum doses, a bacteriostatic effect is manifested, and at maximum doses, it is bactericidal.

As for security, this is a great option. "Enterofuril" in case of poisoning in a child does not cause dysbiosis. The reason is especially the drug. Its chemical formula is not dangerous for the beneficial microbes of the intestines of a child. By destroying pathogenic bacteria, Enterofuril keeps useful ones. Such selectivity is important for the intestine of a growing organism. Moreover, "Enterofuril" can be used in the case when the use of antibiotics led to the reproduction of harmful microbes and caused dysbiosis, accompanied by diarrhea.

The second point - "Enterofuril" acts only in the intestines. It is established that taking the medicine inside, its presence in the blood is not detected. Accepted "Enterofuril", has a therapeutic effect and comes with feces. Thus, the treatment with Enterofuril in children is safe and gentle.

The medicine has a special children's form - powder for suspension. A measuring spoon is attached, the calculation is 5 ml in a full spoon. The taste is pleasant, banana. It is important that children do not spit out the medicine.

суспензия «Энтерофурил»
suspension "Enterofuril"

Reception in children's practice:

  • children from one month to six months - 2.5 ml (half a measuring spoon) three times a day;
  • from 7 months to 2 years - 2.5 ml four times a day;
  • from 3 to seven years - 5 ml (one spoon) three times a day;
  • from the age of 8 and on - 1 spoon or 1 capsule (200 mg) four times a day.

The course of treatment is a week. Medication is not tied to food. The capsule should not be chewed, it is swallowed whole and washed down with water.

Warning: for children under 7 years old, the capsules are not shown, but only the suspension.

"Enterofuril" - analogues

There are usually quite a few similar drugs on the pharmaceutical market. To be sure, you need to pay attention to the active substance.

Analogues "Enterofuril" are drugs that have nifuroxazide in their composition. According to the main characteristics of these drugs are similar. They differ only in the country of origin and auxiliary components. These drugs include:

  • аналоги «Энтерофурила» "Nifuroksazid";
  • Lekor;
  • Diastat;
  • Ersefuril;
  • "Ecofuril".

Despite the fact that a large number of modern antibiotics appeared, the group of nifuroxazide preparations with poisoning did not lose its value. On the contrary, it has gained popularity due to the growing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. Nitrofuranam rarely develops pathogen resistance. This means that you do not have to change the antimicrobial drug.

It is proved that this group can be appointed "blindly," without identifying the pathogen strain. While we will be determined with the pathogen, recovery will come. No one wants to treat the effects of antibiotic therapy! Nitrofurans from this point of view will be the safest. They act only within the intestines, do not accumulate anywhere, and are not absorbed into the blood. Therefore, Enterofuril rarely causes complications and adverse reactions.