Intoxication with SARS

орви Such a disease as ARVI is familiar to everyone - both adults and children. High fever, aching muscles, chills, as well as cough and runny nose. All these symptoms indicate an acute viral infection.

Viral infections are not only dangerous complications of the upper respiratory tract that appear after the transfer of the disease. During the height of the disease or after it, the body often does not withstand the load. Sometimes with the defeat of vital organs intoxication develops.

The symptoms of intoxication are manifested in each one in different ways, but at the same time the course of a viral infection worsens considerably. What are signs of intoxication with ARVI in adults and children? How to help the body reduce the ill effects of the disease during illness? Let's discuss this.

Causes of intoxication with SARS

отравление при орви Everyone knows firsthand how hard the body can tolerate many viral infectious diseases. Increased body temperature, weakness, headaches and muscle aches are not all the delights of any acute illness. In addition to the local reaction in the organs that experience the greatest load if there is an infection, all body systems are involved in the process.

The term intoxication refers to poisoning of the body with toxic substances that are produced in the human body (endogenous intoxication) or come from outside. In the case of an acute viral infection, the body is affected by substances that are formed when the virus is destroyed. Intoxication with ARVI is protracted in nature and, as a rule, manifests itself during the course of the disease itself.

Why is the body poisoning with viral infections? Several mechanisms result in such unpleasant consequences.

  1. The virus itself damages the epithelium of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.
  2. The mechanism of self-harm is triggered when mucosal cells release inflammatory mediators (damaging particles). They reduce the protection of the body and increase the permeability of blood vessels.
  3. At this time, the viruses "poison" the human body with decay products. These are not toxins in nature, that is, the virus does not produce specific protein molecules that damage the internal organs of a sick person. But in a place where the protection of vessels is weakened, and they become permeable to foreign substances, damage to organs and systems occurs faster.

All this leads to poisoning of the body, a person feels unwell and pronounced general weakness.

Causes of failure of the body's defense mechanisms

внутренние механизмы защиты организма Normally, with each disease, protective mechanisms for the neutralization of infection are triggered. This is the cleansing system of the human body.

  1. Cellular defense mechanisms. They are represented by blood cells that are sent to the source of infection. These are white blood cells that absorb and destroy viruses.
  2. The liver and kidneys remove waste products of organisms. They also clear the blood from the presence of damaging particles in it.

But during the presence of a large number of viruses, with a severe course of the disease or the addition of a bacterial infection - the body's defense does not work. Then the waste products of microorganisms lead to the development of severe intoxication.

Symptoms of intoxication with SARS

симптомы орви What symptoms of intoxication can be observed with ARVI?

  1. Weakness, feeling of aches all over the body, heavy sweating.
  2. Head and muscle aches.
  3. Nausea, bitter taste in the mouth, vomiting, abdominal pain.
  4. Chills.
  5. Pallor of the skin.
  6. Drowsiness, sleep disturbance, lack of appetite.

Severe viral infection is accompanied not only by such symptoms, but toxic shock can develop. The pulse gradually increases, the blood pressure rises slightly, then decreases. If at the beginning a person is restless and somewhat excited, then during the period of development of shock it becomes apathetic.

Difficult intoxication occurs with SARS in the child. The babies have not yet fully formed mechanisms of protection against infection. Therefore, all these symptoms do not develop gradually, but in a shorter period of time.

Treatment of viral poisoning

According to the nature of the course, intoxication in case of a viral disease is more often acute. It develops quickly and is short-lived. The body independently copes with the load and the state of health of the person practically does not suffer. In this case, it is enough to take antiviral drugs, observe bed rest and drink enough fluids. All organ systems after remitting the disease work without consequences. But it is at best.

Severe infection requires additional medical care. How to remove intoxication with SARS in this case?

  1. теплое питье при орви What is important to remember? Severe infections are treated in the hospital. The first thing that doctors prescribe is detoxification therapy. Intravenous fluid from 500 ml to 2 liters or more per day along with diuretic drugs. During intoxication there are large losses of water along with sweat, they need to be repaired, so the course of the disease is greatly facilitated.
  2. Assign antiviral drugs. During the height of the disease, they will not bring much benefit, that is, they will not get rid of the penetration of the virus into the respiratory tract. But can facilitate the course of the disease.
  3. If the intoxication of the body with ARVI is in full swing, the treatment is symptomatic. The composition of this therapy includes the so-called substances on demand. Inhalation, antipyretic drugs, antibacterial drugs.
  4. Be sure to be assigned vitamins in the first place vitamin C, it protects blood vessels, helps to cope with the infection.

How to reduce intoxication with SARS at home

When the first symptoms of the disease appear, you need to consult a specialist! He will prescribe the appropriate treatment, tell you how to remove intoxication with SARS. After assessing the symptoms, the doctor will individually prescribe treatment and recommend taking antiviral drugs that will help the immune system to suppress the reproduction of the virus rather quickly.

орви у детей When SARS is important to help the body in the fight against the virus. What does the prevention of intoxication of the body with SARS include?

  1. The main way to combat the poisoning of the body in time of SARS is the elimination of decay products using abundant drinking. Vitaminized juices, compotes, herbal teas, and mineral water without gases will help to remove toxins from the patient's body faster.
  2. Another method of combating intoxication is receiving digestible food. During illness, a person does not want to eat at all, but then the body loses its strength and ability to fight the virus. Acceptance of light, liquid, warm food, for example, low-fat broth with a rusk, will help restore strength, create an extra supply of strength. The immune system will receive additional energy reserves to combat poisoning. Drinking and eating will not cure a person from a viral infection, but will help the body cope with intoxication with ARVI.
  3. Absorbents will help to remove toxins from the body weakened by the disease - their choice in pharmacies is quite wide, you can buy simple activated charcoal.
  4. лечение орви To protect the liver, which assumes the main burden of neutralizing toxins, it is good to do a course intake of vegetable hepatoprotectors based on oats, milk thistle. They will improve the functioning of the liver cells, will bring a significant relief to the state.
  5. Immunomodulators stimulate antiviral defense of the body, the most well-known - "Interferon".
  6. Folk remedies will also come in handy: a decoction of rose hips, tincture of Eleutherococcus, ginseng, peony - will give a person a tone, will help to enter into a working rhythm after an illness.

Everyone who had ARVI at least once in their life experienced mild intoxication. It is well tolerated and does not require special treatment. But if the immunity is weakened, and the viral infection is strong, the symptoms will not be limited to weakness and malaise. How to prevent this? Timely treatment, bed rest and compliance with the recommendations of the doctor - the basis for the prevention of such conditions. In the case when a person is not lucky and the disease has become severe course - one way out, hospitalization.