Is it harmful to watch TV

вредно ли излучение от телевизоров The use of new home appliances brings comfort, convenience and variety to our lives. The transmission of a long time in front of the TV for many has become a habit, creating the illusion of rest. Is this health habit harmless, is the radiation coming from the TV?

Cumbersome, clumsy cathode-ray tube apparatus gradually becomes the property of history, and with it the X-rays, which have sinned this generation of home TV screens. Now our ears are pleased with such names as LCD, plasma and led TV.

Is there any radiation from the LCD TV?

излучение от жк телевизора In liquid crystal televisions there is no main source of radiation - the cathode-ray tube. They have a different principle of operation, in which the image is created with special lighting elements. At the same time, the monitor maintains a voltage of only 5 watts.

The radiation source here can serve as control circuits, converters, conductors. However, given that the current passing through them is only a few milliamperes, and all potentially dangerous nodes are shielded - the radiation from the LCD TV is about 4 times weaker than from its predecessors. The listed items are located at the back of the monitor. Consequently, electromagnetic radiation can come from there.

The best protection from the radiation of the TV is its remoteness. To determine the safe distance, the screen diagonal should be multiplied by 5.

What is the radiation from the LED TV

A new modification of the LCD TV are devices called LED. In them, the lamp lights are replaced by LEDs, which are not sources of additional harmful effects. Therefore, the radiation of LED TVs does not exceed the radiation level of their LCD counterparts.

излучение от led телевизоров

An important advantage is their greater environmental friendliness than conventional LCD TVs. LEDs do not use mercury, which is a component of filling fluorescent lamps used to illuminate LCD TVs.

Radiation from a plasma tv

In the models of plasma TVs, the layer of liquid crystals is replaced with tiny cells filled with inert gas. The discharge of a powerful power supply generates ultraviolet and visible radiation. Ultraviolet delayed glass, and the visible spectrum gives us a picture that we see on the screen.

излучение от плазменного телевизора Electromagnetic radiation from a plasma television does not adversely affect the viewer. But the electronic interference caused by the passage and switching of current, can interfere with the operation of radio receivers and remote controls.

Power supply for a 42-inch plasma monitor is 350 watts. Therefore, his work is accompanied by significant heating. The discomfort of thermal radiation is especially great in the summer. Manufacturers are forced to install all sorts of cooling systems. Therefore, during operation of plasma devices, extraneous noise is heard. But gradually the transition to fanless cooling.

Protective filters appeared on the market, allowing to neutralize the harmful part of electromagnetic radiation from plasma TVs.

For many decades of its development, our faithful home friends - television receivers, have undergone significant changes in the principle of operation. If someone's minds are agitated by the question of whether the TV emits radiation, you can surely give a negative answer. Neither old models with kinescopes, nor more modern ones - plasma and LCD TVs - are sources of radioactive radiation.

Radiation from a television tower

излучение от телевизионной вышки
television tower

Television, which is a brilliant gift to humanity, at the same time brought him a lot of additional worries. One of them is the radiation of a television tower, which has a negative effect on human health. Therefore, the sanitary services pay close attention to the location of these objects.

The towers should not be located in the city. The nearest accommodation should be at least 500 meters away. The adverse electromagnetic radiation covering homes within a radius of 200 meters is fraught with not only fatigue of its inhabitants, but also a violation of the logic of thinking, memory loss, cancer and other serious health disorders.

Since the radiation maximum of these antenna mast structures falls on the upper part of the television tower, high-altitude structures should not be located in the danger zone.

What is the harm from TV and how to minimize it

Having received the answer to the question of what kind of radiation from televisions of different types, let's discuss whether it is harmful, in general, to watch TV.

как избежать вреда от телевизора
harm from tv

In the environment of minded and advanced people, many supporters of refusing to watch television programs have appeared. The reasons for this are a great many. An important place among them is taking care of spiritual and physical health. Telemania attracts people to the blue screen, overfeeding with excess, often unnecessary information. The flow of scenes of violence and vile emotions plunges the audience into a state of stress, and the viewing of annoying ads causes a feeling of inferiority of their own lives. Sitting for hours in front of the screen increases the risk of heart disease, contributes to obesity and the development of diabetes.

All of the above should not be viewed as a call for a complete rejection of television viewing. But the culture of communication with the TV must be present necessarily.

  1. It is necessary to be accustomed to carefully choose the subject and volume of television programs. Considering that the maximum time for an adult should not exceed 4 hours, and for a child - 2 hours.
  2. Anticipating an interesting program, it is convenient to sit right in front of the screen and turn on the light. In this case, the distance to the TV must match its diagonal. In a small screen is best to watch from a distance of 1.2 to 2.2 meters. The device with a diagonal of 32 ″ is recommended to be installed at a distance of 2.5–5.3 meters to the viewing point.
  3. You need to try not to hold your breath and not fix your gaze at one point on the screen, even with the most exciting plot.
  4. In order to avoid dry eyes it is necessary to blink frequently.

When performing such simple truths, your communication with the TV will be truly useful and safe.