How to remove salt from the body at home

рассыпанная соль Supporters of the theory of cleansing consider salt deposits to be almost the main cause of diseases of the kidneys, joints, liver and biliary tract, as well as the general deterioration of health and appearance. What are these mysterious salts and how to remove them from the body at home? In what cases is a special diet suitable for removing salts, and when is it necessary to take medicine?

Before you choose the desired method and begin to implement it, you must understand that diseases associated with the deposition of salts are most likely caused by a violation of mineral metabolism. Each person has his own character.

What are salts and why are they deposited?

Normally, a healthy body has an excellent cleansing mechanism, including salt deposits. This allows him to easily cope with excess nutrients, their decay products and those harmful toxins, which in small quantities come from outside. But in some cases, the mechanism fails. This can occur, for example, in liver and kidney damage in case of severe poisoning, regular abuse of harmful foods, and alcohol. A significant role in metabolic disorders is played by the lack of movement and age-related changes in the body.

соль для человеческого организма

Then the body does not have time to effectively neutralize toxins and slags and bring them out, so they are deposited as intermediates in the skin, kidneys, intestines and liver, muscles and joints. One of these compounds is a group of biological substances, popularly called salts.

How to determine what kind of salt poisons your life? To do this, you can conduct biochemical studies of blood, urine, bile and other body fluids. As a rule, when removing salts in a hospital setting, the doctor selects a program, focusing on laboratory tests. If you are faced with the question of how to remove salt from the body with folk remedies, then the composition of the slags can be determined by the following method.

How to determine at home excess salt

отложение солей в организме Four elements play a leading role in mineral metabolism: potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. They must be balanced first. Another major factor in water-salt metabolism is adequate water intake. For an average person, its daily volume should be at least 1.5 liters.

When removing salts from the body, the principle “similar dissolves like” is used. Mainly in the human body tend to accumulate three types of salts.

  1. Carbonates and phosphates - carbonate salts and phosphoric acids. These are alkaline compounds, they are deposited mainly in the spine in the upper body. Phosphates are also referred to as alkaline salts, they are formed as a result of the interaction of gastric acids with bile and trypsin of the intestinal juice.
  2. Oxalate - salts of oxalic acid. They are very hard and form stones that are deposited throughout the body: the kidneys and joints, muscles and blood vessels. To dissolve them requires long courses.
  3. Urates are close to urea products of protein metabolism. They are prone to deposition in the lower part of the legs: cones on the joints of the fingers, pain in the feet. With a pronounced process, the joints of the hands are also affected, and hidden deposits of these salts in the kidneys are especially dangerous. Urate salts are the cause of a disease such as gout.

определение солей по анализу мочи

Also often there are mixed types of salts that are deposited in the kidneys.

To determine at home what salts are deposited in the body, conduct a visual inspection of the morning urine. It is collected in a glass jar and left for a day for settling. By the nature of the sediment can be judged on the form of salts.

  1. White urine immediately after collection and whitish, chalky precipitate indicate the presence of carbonates.
  2. If the urine after the collection is cloudy, "with a cloud" of mucus, and after settling on the bottom there are small, glittering crystals - these are phosphates.
  3. Yellowish or reddish crystals deposited on the wall are urates.
  4. Dark red or almost black crystals indicate the presence of oxalate in the urine.

In order to better see the salt at the bottom of the jar, use a magnifying glass - it will allow you to see the shape and geometry of the crystalline compounds.

Cleansing the entire body of salts

очищение организма от солей Remove the salt from the body quickly in the absence of external signs of its deposition - if cleansing is carried out for preventive purposes. In other cases, this process is quite lengthy and painstaking. The first rule - each type of salt is displayed in turn, one after another.

Removal of salts is carried out in order to prevent, to improve well-being, in the treatment of hypertension, lens opacities, gallstone disease. Before this, it is necessary to undergo examination and make sure that the urinary system of the body is in perfect order.

So that there is no poisoning, they start with lighter alkaline salts. Then proceed to the removal of urate salts and the final stage - the dissolution and removal of oxalates. Monitoring cleaning is carried out in the morning urine collection. Before you rush to learn how to remove salt from the body with pills, you should follow the general recommendations.

  1. Normalize food. Exclude fried, fatty, spicy, sauces, smoked meats and other junk food.
  2. Limit salt intake. A person consumes 5–6 grams of salt per day; together with the salt contained in the products, this amount should not exceed 10 grams.
  3. Limit sugar. A large amount of glucose contributes to the deposition of urates.
  4. Provide the body with good quality drinking water - 6-8 glasses per day.

нормализация питания In the diet include products that remove the salt from the body:

  • potatoes;
  • beet;
  • sea ​​kale;
  • rice

The basis of the diet should be: cereals, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, dairy products, honey, vegetable oil, seafood, eggs, citrus fruits, berries, nuts.

The drinks are useful: mineral water (slightly alkaline), natural juices (grape, citrus, lingonberry, cranberry), compotes, broth hips.

выведение солей с помощью лаврового листа To conduct a preventive course, you can use the advice on how to remove salt from the body using bay leaf.

  1. Bay leaf in an amount of 5 grams is poured with one glass of boiling water.
  2. Put in a water bath and wait five minutes after boiling.
  3. The contents are poured into the teapot or thermos and insist for 3-4 hours.
  4. Broth filter and drink in small portions during the day.

The course of purification from salt with bay leaf is carried out 3 days in a row once or twice a year. It is contraindicated in diseases of the liver, urinary system and stomach.

рисовый отвар A rather innocuous and universal course is another way of removing salts, which uses prepared rice. Here is a recipe for getting salt out of your body with rice.

  1. Pre-rice must be soaked to get rid of the starch contained in the grains.
  2. To do this, 2 tablespoons of cereal soaked in cold water for about a day.
  3. The next day, from this cereal cook porridge for breakfast (without salt and sugar). No more eating.
  4. An hour later, you can eat other foods.
  5. It is known that an excess of salts in the body leads to water retention, swelling and weight gain. How to remove salt from the body for weight loss? In this case, it will be useful to use recipes based on various herbal infusions.

    виноградные усы Here are some herbs that remove salt from the body.

    1. Collection for removal of urats: 2 tbsp. l strawberry leaves, 2 tbsp. l currant leaves, 1 tbsp. l knotweed grass. Brew two tablespoons of the collection in a glass of water, insist for half an hour. Take a quarter cup a day.
    2. Tea from the roots of sunflower. Crushed raw materials in the amount of 50 grams brewed in a kettle and drink instead of regular tea for a month.
    3. Mustache grapes contribute to the dissolution of oxalate. Fresh mustache and young shoots of grapes chop, brew 1 tsp. raw materials for 200 ml of water. Infuse for 30 minutes. Take four times a day for a quarter cup.
    4. Cone decoction. Spruce and pine cones contain substances that destroy the connection of salt deposits with body tissues.

    Infusions and decoctions of herbs take courses of 3-4 weeks. Control the process of removing salts on the sediment in the urine. If at the end of the course the sediment is still present, then make a week break, then repeat the course.

    How to remove salt in diseases of the joints and osteochondrosis

    How to remove salt from the body with arthritis? It must be understood that diseases of the joints are not always triggered by an excess of salts. The most common problems associated with them in the upper part of the spine are osteochondrosis of the cervical region. Salts of urolithic acid (urates) can provoke a violation of the mobility of the joints of the fingers and toes, causing painful sensations.

    Here's how to get these salts out of your joints.

    1. сок алоэ Freshly squeezed juices are mixed in the following proportions: carrot - 5 parts, spinach - 3, aloe - 1.5 parts.
    2. Heated in a water bath until a homogeneous consistency.
    3. Take small portions throughout the day, just need 1 liter of juice.

    Black radish is an excellent folk remedy, how to remove salt from the body with osteochondrosis.

    1. Black radish roots in the amount of 10 kg will be needed. They need to be thoroughly washed, cut into pieces along with the peel and twist on the juicer. The resulting juice (about 3 liters) is poured into a glass jar and stored in the refrigerator.
    2. Take the juice with an increase in dose according to the following scheme. Begin with one teaspoon per day after meals. Then the dosage is gradually increased, bringing to two tablespoons. If there is no pain in the liver, the amount of juice is adjusted to 100 ml. Drink the medicine until it ends.

    How to remove salt from the kidneys

    отвар шиповника Salt deposits in the kidneys cause attacks of kidney disease. These can be urates that cause gout, or complex salts. Home removal of salts from the kidneys should take place under the supervision of a physician, together with the prescribed therapy. Here are some recipes for getting salt out of your kidneys.

    1. Take half a glass of rosehip infusion, 200 grams of fresh leaves of aloe, two tablespoons of sugar.
    2. The leaves are crushed and covered with sugar.
    3. An hour later, add dogrose infusion and mix.
    4. The resulting syrup is drained and taken in a tablespoon 3 times a day after meals.

    How to remove salt from the body with the help of drugs

    How to remove salt from the body with medicines? This question must be answered by the attending physician. Sometimes, even with serious metabolic disorders, a diet, a set of physical exercises, and herbal infusions are prescribed, which are more effective than pharmaceutical preparations.

    таблетки для выведения солей For informational purposes, we give the names of medicines that doctors use for therapy:

    • "Atofan";
    • "Urodan";
    • "Urozin".

    Summing up the above, we note that the removal of salts from the body by folk methods should be carried out consistently. To do this, you need to stick to a diet and take infusions of herbs or fresh juices. The process of excretion of salts is controlled by morning urine. If serious diseases are associated with salt deposition: kidney disease, gout, stones in the biliary tract, then folk methods are coordinated with the doctor and combined with the treatment he will prescribe.