Cleansing the body

A rubric where all methods of cleansing the body of toxins and slags that are available at home are considered. After all, if our body does not accumulate toxins intoxicating it, cleans toxins in time, then in general we look younger and we have no health problems, and the quality and duration of our life increases. Therefore, here we will talk about a healthy lifestyle!

Types of parasites in the human body, symptoms and treatment of folk remedies.

Types of drugs for cleaning the liver, the mechanism of their action, the basic rules of cleaning.

How to lower cholesterol in the blood at home - folk ways, diet.

How to determine the presence of excess salts in the body and methods of their excretion.

How to use the activated carbon to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

How to remove fluid from the body at home folk remedies.

Home-based methods for cleaning cerebral vessels.

Ways of uric acid excretion folk remedies, drugs, diet.

Removal from the stomach, intestines, bronchi, lungs, frontal and maxillary sinuses.

How quickly and effectively at home to clean the kidneys.

Why are formed cholesterol plaques, folk remedies for getting rid of them.

Types, list and instructions for use of drugs instead of enemas.

Recipes for cleansing the body with oats: liver, kidney, lung, for weight loss.

Hydrocolonotherapy is a modern, effective method of cleaning the intestines.

Description 4 methods of cleaning the body with rice available at home.