Can I drink Smektu with food poisoning

смекта при отравлении When poisoning, doctors recommend taking drugs that neutralize poisons and toxins in the intestines and bring them out. One of these drugs is Smecta powder. This drug is unique in its own way. According to the pharmacological classification, it belongs to the group of antidiarrheal drugs, that is, it is prescribed primarily for the symptomatic treatment of diarrhea.

The powder has an enveloping and adsorbing effect, neutralizing toxins and other substances harmful to the body in the intestinal lumen. What does “Smecta” help with, in what doses is it taken in case of poisoning and does it have any contraindications?

What helps Smecta

The drug "Smekta" (international name - Diosmektit) is a clay powder of natural origin. The substance is extracted from natural rocks - aluminosilicates. Dioctahedral smectite has a specific structure of the molecule, due to which it has a selective absorbing effect. It adsorbs toxins and poisons, the molecules of which are of medium size, and does not remove vitamins and minerals from the body.

От чего помогает Смекта

The action of "Smekta" in case of poisoning is as follows.

  1. Absorption of poisons, toxins, pathogenic bacteria and their toxic products of life, food allergens, drugs to the surface of the Diosmectite molecule.
  2. Removal of excess gas with flatulence.
  3. Enveloping effect by improving the quality of intestinal mucus. Due to this, the irritating effect of poisons on the intestinal wall is reduced, diarrhea stops and pain is relieved.

Can I drink Smektu with poisoning

The medicine is used in the following cases:

  • Смекта при отравлении acute and chronic diarrhea of ​​any origin;
  • infectious diseases accompanied by indigestion;
  • heartburn;
  • increased flatulence in the intestines.

Can I drink "Smektu" in case of poisoning? Yes, if the toxic product entered the body through the stomach. At the same time take into account contraindications to the use of the drug. "Smecta" in poisoning is especially effective if the disease manifests as a digestive disorder associated with the development of conditionally pathogenic microflora (for example, in food poisoning with stale products).

How to take Smecta with food poisoning

"Smektu" in food poisoning is used if diarrhea develops. It does not matter if the food was of poor quality or the body reacted with an allergic reaction to an unfamiliar product. This medicine is often taken with you on trips to exotic countries - it helps a lot with diarrhea, which develops from a change in diet. The medicine stops diarrhea, relieves discomfort in the stomach, removes excess gas from the intestines.

как принимать смекту How to take "Smektu" in case of poisoning?

  1. The contents of 2-3 bags stir in half a glass of water and drink after a meal.
  2. The maximum daily dose for adults is 9 sachets.
  3. Take three times a day with an equal interval.
  4. The course of treatment is 3-5 days, sometimes within a week. The drug is taken until the disappearance of signs of indigestion (diarrhea, heartburn, bloating).

This medicine is taken not only for food poisoning, it can be used for other cases.

Smecta use for alcohol poisoning

"Smekta" in alcohol poisoning can be taken as a preventive measure or for the treatment of hangover. The drug removes alcohol from the intestine, thereby reducing its entry into the blood, and the decay products of ethyl alcohol.

  1. смекта и алкоголь To reduce the effect of intoxication take 2-3 bags of "Smekta" immediately before the feast.
  2. To prevent the development of hangover syndrome, the drug is taken after drinking alcohol.
  3. If after taking the drug for half an hour there was vomiting, then “Smektu” was re-drunk in the amount of 2 sachets.
  4. In case of poisoning with poor-quality alcoholic products, they induce vomiting, then take 3 sachet bags.

In case of poisoning with alcohol products of suspicious origin, in case of symptoms of severe poisoning, an ambulance team should be called.

How to give Smektu in case of poisoning in children

"Smecta" in case of poisoning in children is used to eliminate the symptoms of digestive disorders - diarrhea, bloating, as a one-time measure for dyspeptic phenomena (disruption of the stomach). By its adsorption capacity, the drug is slightly inferior to other enterosorbents of the new generation (Enterosgel, Polyphepan) and will more slowly release toxins from the intestines. But “Smekta” has an enveloping effect, which has a beneficial effect on the inflamed intestinal wall, so this medicine has a more pronounced antidiarrheal effect. In general, “Smektu” is preferable to use in case of food poisoning and poisons, highly irritating the intestinal mucosa, other sorbents - in case of accidental ingestion of poisons and drugs in the stomach.

"Smekta" in case of poisoning: instructions for use in children. In acute diarrhea, the medication is prescribed in the following dosages.

  1. смекта и ребенок At the age of one year - 2 sachets per day. Divide the drug into three doses, diluting the powder immediately before use in a small amount of water (about 50 ml) or liquid foods.
  2. From 1 to 2 years - 4 sachets per day.
  3. After three days, if necessary, further use of the drug dose is halved.

If used for other indications, the dose for children under one year is 1 sachet per day, at the age of 1–2 years, 2 sachets, over 2 years old, up to 3 sachets per day. For children produce special variations "Smekty" with orange or strawberry flavor.

Contraindications and side effects

This medicine has its contraindications. Can pregnant women take "Smektu" in case of poisoning? Yes you can. The drug has no restrictions on the patient's age, allowed pregnant and lactating women. It does not affect the condition of the fetus and does not alter the composition of breast milk, since it is absolutely not absorbed from the intestine into the blood.

Contraindications to the use may be some disorders of intestinal motility and carbohydrate metabolism:

  • склонность к запорам mechanical bowel obstruction;
  • deficiency of sucrase-isomaltase;
  • fructose intolerance;
  • impaired glucose-galactose absorption.

Be wary of using the drug with a tendency to constipation. With an overdose, it is possible the development of constipation, which pass after dose adjustment of the drug.

The drug "Smekta" effectively acts in case of poisoning, accompanied by the development of acute diarrhea. The drug has the ability to absorb toxins and poisons, bringing them out, and, in addition, has an enveloping effect. This distinguishes Smekt from other intestinal sorbents. It can be taken with increased flatulence in the intestines and heartburn, with alcohol poisoning and indigestion as a result of a change in the usual diet. This medicine has no age limit, it is prescribed to infants, pregnant and lactating women.