Poisoning celandine

отравление чистотелом Celandine is an unpretentious plant that is found almost everywhere. Since ancient times, its known healing properties. In folk medicine, grass and milky juice are widely used. On their basis, manufactured drugs.

If used improperly or randomly, poisoning by celandine can occur. Therefore, lovers of alternative medicine, as well as everyone else, need to know in which case celandine poisoning can occur, how it manifests and what to do if symptoms of intoxication appear. About this and talk.

What is dangerous celandine

Celandine contains a lot of nutrients:

  • чистотел и отравление organic acids;
  • flavonoids;
  • essential oils;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • carotene.

So what is he dangerous then? The danger is alkaloids, which are the strongest poisons.

  1. Homohelidonin significantly reduces local pain sensitivity, causes the appearance of seizures.
  2. Heleritrin has a strong local irritation.
  3. Sanguinarine acts as a drug, causes strychnine-like convulsive syndrome, stimulates the intestinal peristaltic activity and the formation of saliva. It has analgesic and irritant effects.
  4. Protopin inhibits the activity of the autonomic nervous system and tones the uterus in women.
  5. Chelidonine is similar to morphine. Causes local anesthesia, depression of consciousness and paralysis of the nervous system. As a result of overdose, severe convulsions are observed.

These compounds cause the appearance of relevant signs of celandine poisoning.

When can poisoning with celandine

отравление соком чистотела
celandine juice

Traditional medicine offers many ways to use celandine. Most often, the roots, leaves and stems are used externally to treat skin diseases. The sap of the plant effectively fights warts, calluses and condylomas and is used for eye diseases in the form of drops. Take celandine recommended for pathology of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

Traditional medicine also uses drugs on the basis of celandine, including for the treatment of cancer. The medicine is taken in the form of decoctions, water and alcohol infusions - outwardly or inward. Juice is suitable only for local application. Oil is sometimes used.

Since the celandine has active cauterizing, cleansing properties and due to the presence of the strongest poisons in it, if the dosage is exceeded, it is easy to get poisoned with it. Most often, poisoning causes celandine tincture, which contains a high concentration of active substances.

Causes of celandine poisoning:

  • the use of celandine for the treatment of their own, on the advice of friends, without prior consultation with the doctor;
  • exceeding the permissible dose;
  • accidental use of drugs or milky juice, for example, by children.

Symptoms of Celandine Poisoning

The poisonous alkaloids present in the plant cause the following symptoms of poisoning with celandine:

  • рвота и тошнота nausea and bouts of vomiting;
  • pain in the stomach cramping character;
  • involuntary stool discharge;
  • dizziness;
  • severe weakness;
  • headache;
  • pallor and high humidity of the skin;
  • heart rhythm disorder;
  • low blood pressure;
  • labored breathing;
  • depression of consciousness;
  • convulsive syndrome.

If the dose of poison taken is large enough, then consciousness may be absent. Possible death as a result of the cessation of cardiac activity!

Emergency care for poisoning with celandine

First aid in case of poisoning with a celandine is to carry out standard urgent measures.

  1. помощь при отравлении чистотелом
    indirect heart massage

    First of all, you should call an ambulance.

  2. To assess the state of the victim: conscious or not.
  3. In the absence of consciousness, it is necessary to check the pulse and breathing. If there are no signs of life, then reanimation is performed using mouth-to-mouth breathing and an indirect heart massage.
  4. If a person is unconscious, but the pulse is, then it must be laid on its side.
  5. Create complete peace, unbutton clothes, constraining breathing.
  6. It is necessary to get rid of residues of toxic substances that have not yet had time to enter the blood. In the case when the poison entered the body through certain areas of the skin or mucous membranes - this place should be washed with plenty of water. If the toxic substance is ingested through the mouth, while the victim is conscious, it is necessary to wash the stomach. You can use ordinary water with the addition of activated carbon or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Ideally, the washing should be carried out through a probe. But this is not always possible.
  7. After the procedure of gastric lavage is to take a saline laxative. For this suit magnesium sulfate. One sachet containing 20 mg of substance, dissolved in a glass of water, preferably warm, and drink. Karlovy Vary salt is also suitable, one tablespoon of which is dissolved in half a glass of water. Sodium sulfate in a dose of up to 30 grams is diluted in water and drunk at one time.
  8. Be sure to take sorbents. In the home first aid kit there is always activated carbon. Depending on the weight of the body, two to three tablespoons of the drug, dissolved in one or two glasses of water, are required. If there is no spoon, then just take 8-10 tablets with water. You can drink strong tea that contains tannin, which has the ability to bind toxic substances.
  9. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to get rid of the poison as quickly as possible.


Treatment for severe celandine poisoning is carried out in a hospital. It is based on the restoration of cardiovascular activity, the elimination of vascular and heart failure, cleansing the body from poison. The victim, if he never regained consciousness, continues to lead to feelings.

  1. лечение в стационаре отравления чистотелом
    mechanical ventilation

    In the absence of spontaneous breathing, mechanical ventilation (artificial respiration) is performed.

  2. Means are used to increase blood pressure and normalize the work of the heart.
  3. If convulsive syndrome is present, then there is a need for anticonvulsant drugs.
  4. Forced diuresis is conducted to accelerate the removal of poison from the body, for which large volumes of fluid and diuretics are injected.

All victims are subject to hospitalization, where intensive therapy continues.

How to avoid poisoning

In order not to become a victim of self-treatment, you must observe the following recommendations.

  1. дозировка лекарства Take drugs on the basis of celandine only on the recommendation of a doctor.
  2. Strictly observe the dosage when using dosage forms intended for ingestion.
  3. Keep toxic material out of the reach of children, in a container that contains information about what is contained here.
  4. If you have small children - do not grow the plant in the garden plots.

Celandine - a wonderful and useful plant! But before you start treating them, you should clearly understand what it may threaten and what to do in case of poisoning with celandine. If symptoms of overdose are noticed on time, then serious complications can be avoided. But it is better not to bring this to the use of a poisonous plant and preparations based on it - to approach sensibly.