Yogurt poisoning

йогурт Yoghurt, being a tasty and useful product, takes not the last place in a diet of the modern person. Both adults and children love him. But the use of this sour-milk dessert can lead to serious consequences.

Very often, yogurt poisoning occurs in children, but adults can suffer. Than yogurt is dangerous to health, how it manifests itself and what needs to be done in case of poisoning - we will try to figure it out.

Causes of yogurt poisoning

There are several reasons why, perhaps, yogurt poisoning:

  • production technology is violated: the use of contaminated milk, the penetration of infectious agents in the production process;
  • improper storage and transportation;
  • expired shelf life.

This applies not only to those yoghurts that are made at enterprises, but also products of their own production. Poisoning overdue yogurt occurs most often, but this is very easy to avoid.

отравление йогуртом The direct cause of adverse effects on the body are bacteria, as well as their toxins. Streptococci, Escherichia coli and Shigella (the causative agent of dysentery) reproduce well in fermented milk products. These microorganisms and their metabolic products affect the digestive organs. Once in the blood, toxic substances also affect other systems of the body: nervous and cardiovascular.

You can not eat a product that has the following characteristics:

  • unusual odor, usually unpleasant;
  • heterogeneous consistency;
  • mold points;
  • bloated packaging;
  • expiration date has passed long ago.

Symptoms of yogurt poisoning

The reaction of the body when entering low-quality food is aimed at getting rid of it as soon as possible. This is manifested by vomiting and diarrhea. There may be a high temperature that interferes with the activity of bacteria and neutralizes their toxins. Consider the symptoms of yogurt poisoning in more detail.

рвота Signs indicating the use of a spoiled product appear several hours after eating. Sometimes the period from the time of eating to the onset of clinical symptoms may last for a day, or even more.

The disease can begin gradually, with slight discomfort and discomfort in the abdomen. But an acute onset is more characteristic of food poisoning.

Main symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • loose stools;
  • abdominal pains, mostly cramping, aching may decrease after going to the toilet;
  • vomiting that can be repeated many times;
  • increase in body temperature to 38–39 °, but not always;
  • symptoms of intoxication: lethargy, fatigue, weakness, headaches;
  • dehydration manifested by thirst and dry mouth.

отравление ребенка The child’s yogurt poisoning is the hardest of all. In this case, perhaps, the appearance of convulsive seizures on the background of high fever, severe dehydration and loss of consciousness.

The diagnosis is established on the basis of complaints, due to the intake of a specific fermented milk product and typical clinical manifestations. The causative agent of infection, as a rule, remains unknown, since many people in this situation do not go to the doctor. But if a person turned for medical help, a study of vomit, as well as feces, is made to exclude serious infectious diseases such as dysentery. In some cases, examine the blood.

Victim Assistance

промыть желудок The first thing to do in case of yogurt poisoning is to get rid of the remnants of the spoiled product in the body. For this you need:

  • wash the stomach after drinking 3-4 glasses of water;
  • Take 8 to 10 tablets of activated charcoal.

More difficult is the case if you have poisoned a small child. Rinse the stomach in this case will not work. Purification occurs naturally with emetic masses and loose stools. But in order to avoid pronounced dehydration, it is necessary to replenish the lost fluid. It is better to use Regidron's solution. Give a teaspoon every 5 minutes. Reception of a large amount of water will immediately provoke vomiting. Activated carbon will successfully replace Smecta. Children can also be given Enterosgel.

The second important point - call an ambulance. If the condition is a concern, hospitalization will be required in the infectious disease ward. Otherwise - we are treated at home. Children are always advised to consult a doctor!

Yogurt poisoning treatment

Further treatment for yogurt poisoning involves a series of activities.

Key recommendations:

  1. настой из черемухи Diet. On the first day of illness, it is better to refrain from eating, as this may result in another attack of vomiting. With the improvement of the state to begin to eat, you need to gradually eat in small portions. Exclude fruits, vegetables, fatty, spicy, and fried foods. Temporarily remove dairy products from the menu.
  2. Drink plenty of water. It can be mineral water without gas, herbal infusion, ordinary tea with honey. At first, drink a little, but often.
  3. Continue to take chelators: Polysorb MP, Enterosgel, Polyphepanum or Smektu.
  4. Anti-emetic, anti-diarrheal drugs and antimicrobial agents are taken only on prescription.
  5. From folk methods may be useful: rice water, the extract of bird cherry or starch solution.

Improvement and recovery in mild cases occurs within the first three days. For some time, avoid harmful and irritating digestive tract food. Strong tea and coffee is better to replace the decoction of herbs.

How to avoid poisoning

качественная продукция In order not to become another victim of spoiled yogurt, you need:

  • buy products from a trusted manufacturer;
  • Do not consume suspicious foods;
  • pay attention to the date before which you should eat yogurt;
  • Keep refrigerated;
  • If yogurt is cooked at home, use quality milk.

Once again I want to emphasize that the choice of food should be taken seriously. If yogurt is in doubt, do not take it. If you have already bought and think whether it is worth consuming it - do not eat. It is better to throw out without regret than endanger your body and the health of loved ones.