Is it possible to get poisoned by beer

отравление пивом Beer as one of the varieties of low alcohol beverages today is popular in our country. The Russian beer market is considered one of the largest in the world. This is due to the need of the population in this drink.

Considering the last fact and specificity of our site, I would like to find out: is it possible to get poisoned with beer? When does this happen? What clinical symptoms occur? What to do in case of poisoning and how to treat it? We will talk about this below.

Does beer intoxication happen

Beer poisoning is not uncommon. And it happens for several reasons:

  1. Poisoning alcohol contained in it with the abuse or intolerance to alcohol.
  2. When mixed with surrogate alcohol containing toxic alcohols.
  3. Overdue product.
  4. When drinking draft beer, when sanitary and hygienic norms are not observed when bottling in containers: dirty hands or containers. Poisoning in this case proceeds under the guise of food toxicoinfection.

Symptoms of poisoning

пиво как причина отравления The most common alcohol poisoning beer, so dwell on it in more detail. First, after a certain amount of alcohol, alcohol intoxication occurs, which can be 3 degrees: weak, moderate and strong. After a certain time, it goes into poisoning. Signs of the latter appear already at the stage of moderate intoxication with the subsequent transition to a strong, then to a superficial and deep coma. Consider the symptoms of beer poisoning at each stage.

Mild intoxication

There is an excited state, characterized by heightened emotionality, motor and speech activity. Self-control and criticism are reduced. There is glitter in the eyes and redness of the face. A person feels unnatural joy, a feeling of relaxation. He has drooling and sweating.

Usually such intoxication passes without consequences.

Mean intoxication

Movement decreases. There comes a drowsiness, lethargy. The speech of such people is “stumbling”, the coordination of movements is disturbed. Attention absentmindedly. Criticism of their actions and an adequate assessment of opportunities are further reduced.

After such intoxication comes hangover syndrome, which is a sign of mild alcohol intoxication.

Heavy drunkenness

тяжелое отравление At this stage, beer poisoning is clearly manifested, the symptoms of which will be the following:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • slurred speech;
  • man cannot walk on his own;
  • drowsiness, gradually turning into a violation of consciousness, starting from stupor;
  • tachycardia;
  • lowering blood pressure.

Gradually, the victim falls into a coma.


алкогольная кома Patients in coma lack consciousness, speech and movement are impossible. The pupils are first constricted; they react to the light listlessly.

A characteristic reaction to painful irritation, as well as to ammonia in the form of pupil dilation, the appearance of a response of facial muscles and arm movements.

As the coma deepens, the pupils no longer respond to light and expand. Decreases until the pain response stops. Reflexes are absent. Characterized by complete muscle relaxation and a decrease in body temperature.

Other types of beer poisoning

When mixing beer with stronger alcohol containing toxic alcohols, the onset of poisoning is characterized by similar symptoms of intoxication. About methanol poisoning says visual impairment. Abdominal pain will be intoxication with propyl alcohol, ethylene glycol.

For these poisonings is also characterized by depression of consciousness with the development of coma. Events under such conditions develop faster than with pure beer poisoning.

In case of food poisoning and the presence of infection due to dirty containers or non-compliance with the expiration dates, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, increased body temperature will come to the fore.

What to do when beer poisoning

нарушение сознания What to do if poisoned by beer? First, let's see in what cases a doctor is needed:

  • disturbance of consciousness;
  • impaired cardiac or respiratory activity;
  • the development of delirium tremens, hallucinations;
  • suspected poisoning by surrogates;
  • psychosis;
  • the presence of serious comorbidities.

The patient is left at home with mild intoxication, as well as with the average, if there are no violations of the cardiovascular system or respiration.

обильное питье In case of poisoning with beer, this is what can be done if the patient stayed at home:

  • reception of sorbents;
  • drink plenty of water or tea;
  • ensure restful sleep.

First aid for moderate poisoning

In case of moderate severity poisoning, gastric lavage is necessarily carried out with small portions of liquid (500 ml) to clean wash water and receiving sorbents.

If the unconscious patient is placed on a hard surface and turned his head to the side so that the vomit does not get into the respiratory tract and to prevent the tongue from falling. Then call the emergency medical team.

Treatment of severe beer intoxication

форсированный диурез Treatment of poisoning with beer is very important to start on time. From this depends largely on the outcome of the disease. Help with poisoning is different depending on the severity of the process. In case of severe poisoning or coma, the patient is hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

In the hospital, breathing is provided by tracheal intubation, if necessary, and the stomach is flushed through the tube. Suction mucus and vomit from the mouth, nose, throat. If necessary, conduct a toilet bronchial tree. Assigned diuresis. In case of poisoning with surrogates, hemodialysis may be necessary. From the moment of admission to the clinic, unconscious patients are prescribed antibiotics to prevent aspiration pneumonia, stabilize the work of the heart.

Beer Poisoning Treatment

Food toxicoinfection is treated in the infectious diseases department in case of severe course, and in case of mild and moderate poisoning - on an outpatient basis.

Plentiful drink, reception of absorbent carbon, the medical food, including strong not so sweet tea with crackers, mucous soups, kissels, the wiped porridges is recommended.

In case of severe course, the stomach is washed, antibacterial preparations are prescribed, saline solutions are administered intravenously.

So is it possible to poison live and bottled beer? The danger is great with the abuse of the drink, as well as in the case of violation of basic hygienic rules. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning by beer largely depend on whether it is consumed in its pure form or in combination with stronger alcohol, as well as on the quality of this alcohol. Much determines the presence or absence of dependence on alcohol. The degree of intoxication due to the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Treatment is reduced to the application of general principles of treatment of poisoning, with the exception of some trifles, which were mentioned. Compliance with simple hygiene procedures, checking the shelf life of the product, as well as moderation will help to avoid poisoning.