Air ozonizer - harm or benefit?

формула озона на фоне неба Often, during a thunderstorm you want to open all the windows, go outside and breathe in fresh air filled with ozone. Why is it so attractive to humans? How does ozone affect our body? To understand this is important, since many different devices (ozonizers), which, according to manufacturers, produce this gas, have appeared on the market. Let's consider the use of the device air ozonizer and find out - harm or benefit it brings us and our loved ones?

A device that produces ozone and there is an ozonizer. In order to understand what kind of benefit or harm it can bring, one needs to know the properties of ozone and how it can affect the human body .

Ozone properties

Ozone is a chemical substance that has 3 atoms of oxygen, in contrast to air oxygen. Ordinary oxygen consists of two atoms, the double bond between which is strong, fairly stable. But when one of the bonds breaks and another atom joins it, then ozone is formed. Under normal conditions, it is a gas with a pleasant fresh smell, a bluish color.

Under natural conditions, it can be formed under the action of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, our planet has an ozone shell. Ultraviolet, acting on oxygen, translates it into ozone. This is probably only high above the ground, where the power of ultraviolet rays is maximum. At the same time, under the action of cosmic radiation, it gradually collapses, turning into oxygen. The ozone layer protects the Earth from ionizing radiation, therefore its gradual destruction during pollution causes thinning of the ozone layer, which can become dangerous for living organisms.

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Ozone is also formed during electrical discharges, for example, during thunderstorms, which is used as the principle of the ozonizer. The higher the voltage of the electric field, the more gas can form. It is an unstable compound compared to oxygen, and is rapidly destroyed. Destruction leads to the formation of active oxygen, which easily enters into chemical reactions with various elements, oxidizing them.

When interacting with metals, rubber, their properties change. The effect of ozone on viruses, bacteria, fungi is determined by the destruction or damage to their membranes, which causes their death. But why, during a thunderstorm, are we so pleased with the smell of this substance and so we want to breathe in this clean fresh air?

Harm and benefits of ozone for the human body

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, as well as chlorine and fluorine, its effect on microorganisms leads to their destruction, which is why it is used for disinfection. As for human cells, to some extent they are protected from it, the presence of antioxidants in them - substances that prevent oxidation processes in the body, some of them are part of the cell membranes.

мир в озоновом шаре In high concentrations, ozone is a toxic substance for the body, and, despite the fact that it is used in medicine not only for disinfection, but also methods of treatment have been developed for them, but classical medicine does not recognize ozone therapy. To date, this method is considered unconventional, since in this case the line between medicine and poison is too thin.

The main harm, when ozone acts on the human body, is that it has an adverse effect on mucous membranes, including the lungs. Inhalation of high concentrations can cause poisoning and death. Increasing its content in the human body causes the formation of insoluble forms of cholesterol and atherosclerosis, and also kills spermatozoa, which, with prolonged inhalation, can lead to infertility.

Therefore, standards for ozone content in the atmosphere of populated areas and in premises have been developed. So, in the room its content should not exceed 0.1 mg / cubic meter. In a normal sense of smell, a person notes the presence of ozone at a concentration 10 times lower than indicated. Each ozonizer must have a certificate that indicates whether the amount of gas produced by it meets the standards.

According to various studies, the use of ozone in small concentrations is that it:

  • кровяные тельца рисунок has a disinfecting effect, killing microorganisms;
  • stimulates blood formation;
  • destroys toxic substances;
  • enhances the synthesis of biologically active substances;
  • reduces blood clotting;
  • relieves pain;
  • improves overall immunity.

What is an ozonizer and where it is applied

On sale is a device called an ozonizer. What is this device? - This is a special device that produces ozone. How does an ozonator produce ozone? There are several ways.

  1. Exposure to an electric discharge on oxygen is the most effective method that is often used in ozonizers.
  2. Exposure to oxygen by ultraviolet rays. But this method is ineffective, since the amount of produced gas is small, so this method is rarely used in the production of ozonizers.
  3. By chemical reaction, the method is expensive because of the reagents used.

Ozonizers can be industrial, medical or for home use, the main difference between ozonizers in the amount of produced gas and in that produce its ozonizers from the air or from pure oxygen.

The use of ozonizers in industry

On an industrial scale, ozonizers are used in many industries:

  • озонатор для очищения воды water disinfection;
  • disinfection of premises;
  • food disinfection;
  • cleansing oils;
  • whitening paper.

Moreover, the disinfection of water by an industrial ozonizer, including bottled water, has long been used in many highly developed countries. This method is considered not only effective, but also safe, because in addition to microorganisms, viruses, fungi, ozonation also destroys some harmful chemicals that lose their toxicity, often become insoluble and can be easily removed by filtration.

Many drinking water or sewage treatment plants are already working using ozonizers, replacing the previously common chlorination. In drinking water, ozone is rapidly degraded. Therefore, until the water treated with the ozonizer reaches the consumer, there is practically no gas remaining in it, but the oxygen content can be increased.

The use of ozonizers in medicine

применение озонаторов в медицине In medical institutions are used ozonizers that produce ozone from oxygen. With the help of ozonizers, the premises are processed, instruments and consumables are sterilized. Ozonizers are also used for disinfection and sterilization in pharmacology. Given the harm of the ozonizer, disinfection of premises is carried out only in the absence of people in them.

With regard to the method of ozone therapy - the lack of evidence base, did not give him wide distribution. With this method of alternative medicine, not only the ozone-oxygen mixture is used, but also ozonated water, solutions for intravenous administration.

The harm or benefit of ozonizers in medicine depends on the concentration of ozone used, and the method of its introduction. For example, a good effect is observed when treating wounds with ozonized solutions or using ozonized vegetable oils to speed healing. But frequent intravenous administration with ozone therapy can cause problems with blood and accelerate the development of atherosclerosis.

Use of ozonizers at home

домашний озонатор лежит возле фруктов Using an ozonizer at home can be dangerous if you do not follow the rules for using the device. To do this, you also need to choose the right ozonizer. There are many different models that differ in technical characteristics, but not only technical characteristics should be taken into account when choosing, although they are important, for example, the amount of ozone per minute for a certain volume.

For ozonizers, which work slowly, it will take more time to create concentration in the room for disinfection, and at that time it is dangerous to be in a room without protective equipment, which should also be indicated in the instructions.

Be sure to pay attention to the product certificate! It is easy enough to assemble an ozonizer, but it is not possible to determine exactly how much ozone it produces by experiment, so if there is no certificate, then you should not buy an ozonizer.

The harm or use of an air ozonator depends on how you use it. The ozonizer is useful for disinfecting premises during the period of a strong spread of infectious diseases, household items, air conditioners, patient's dishes, and shoes. Ozonator well kills fungi, mold, disinfects water. But in no case do you need to breathe long ozonated air and use the water that has just been disinfected with an ozonizer. The harm you do to your health may exceed the benefits of its use.

Ozone poisoning

The increased concentration of ozone in the air, and this is possible, if you use a home ozonizer, can cause ozone poisoning. Symptoms can appear acutely or gradually in chronic poisoning, if you constantly inhale ozone, even in small volumes. This is especially dangerous if the home ozonizer is used frequently, without observing safety rules.

у девушки раздражение глаз Signs of ozone poisoning:

  • irritation of the upper respiratory tract - dryness, tingling, burning, chest pain;
  • eye conjunctival irritation - burning, redness;
  • headache, dizziness;
  • impaired breathing, when at first the patient is just hard to inhale, so breathing becomes shallow and sparse, and then this can lead to his stopping and death.

First aid for poisoning:

  • call an ambulance;
  • provide the patient with access to pure oxygen (ventilate the room);
  • rinse eyes with water;
  • when respiratory arrest begin resuscitation.

Chronic ozone poisoning, for example, with frequent inhalation of air produced by an ozonizer, leads to the development of:

  • терапевт слушает девушку blood diseases associated with impaired clotting;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • male infertility;
  • pulmonary diseases (bronchitis, emphysema, pneumosclerosis);
  • the development of tumors, since ozone is carcinogenic;
  • premature aging.

But people like the "smell of thunderstorms," ​​so many people, who do not quite understand the reason for this, constantly use ozonizers, which can be harmful to their health. This phenomenon has a simple explanation, namely, ozone, interacting with various impurities, purifies the air and saturates it with oxygen during decomposition, and oxygen causes euphoria.

An ozonizer is a useful device that is used in industry and medicine, it can be used at home, if you follow the safety rules, since the ozone produced by it is a toxic substance. In high concentrations or with constant inhalation, ozone can cause the development of various diseases of the body and even lead to acute poisoning with this gas and death.