Chemical poisoning

The rubric on chemical poisoning, including: drugs, vapors and gases, chemicals. What are the signs and symptoms of these types of poisoning, how to treat them and provide first aid.

Causes and symptoms of phenol poisoning, first aid, treatment.

What is the use of zinc, how can you get poisoning, symptoms, treatment.

Where formaldehyde is used, can they be poisoned, symptoms, treatment.

What is the possible harm "Dimedrol" symptoms and treatment of poisoning them.

Where phthalates are used, what harm to their health, how to protect themselves.

What kind of solvent can be poisoned - symptoms, help and treatment at the same time.

Where freon, symptoms, first aid and treatment for poisoning.

Is there any harm from boric acid, what to do in case of poisoning, help and treatment.

Signs of hydrogen sulfide poisoning, first aid, treatment, consequences.

What is hyperoxia, its forms, causes, first aid, treatment.

Causes, symptoms, first aid and treatment for arsenic poisoning.

What is dangerous to the health of asbestos, in which cases, preventive measures.

How does vitamin C on the body, what to do with overdose.

Poisoning with baking and caustic soda: symptoms, help, prevention.

What to do in case of an overdose of citramon: symptoms, help, consequences.