Chemical poisoning

The rubric on chemical poisoning, including: drugs, vapors and gases, chemicals. What are the signs and symptoms of these types of poisoning, how to treat them and provide first aid.

Symptoms of an overdose of valerian, consequences, first aid.

What to do in case of poisoning with nitrates: symptoms, treatment, prevention.

Whether death from an overdose of paracetamol, symptoms, treatment is possible.

Is it possible to die from an overdose of Donormil, symptoms, help.

Causes of copper poisoning, symptoms, first aid and treatment.

The danger of lead, where it is possible to poison them, symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Is it possible to overdose with glycine in adults and in children, symptoms and effects.

Phenibut - what is it, is it possible addiction and overdose, the combination with alcohol.

Analginom poisoning - is it possible death, symptoms, help and treatment.

Symptoms of aspirin poisoning, what to do while possible consequences.

Signs of ammonia poisoning, first aid, consequences.

Symptoms, first aid, how treatment is carried out, the possible consequences.

The consequences of poisoning, what symptoms, how to give first aid, treatment.

Toxic dose, symptoms of poisoning, what to do, consequences.

Is it possible to poison with iodine, what are the symptoms and consequences, the provision of assistance.