Vitamin E overdose

где содержится витамин E Many vitamins belong to the group of substances that can not be fully used as medicines. But without these irreplaceable compounds, the human body is prone to the development of diseases of almost all systems and organs. One capsule, containing in its composition a full complex of vitamins, often serves as a prevention of acute diseases.

The advantages of taking such substances are obvious, if not a small fly in the ointment. These compounds belong to the group of fat-soluble vitamins, which in excess can lead to bad effects. Can an overdose of vitamin E happen? Yes, it can be, but how to avoid it and what to do if it happened?

What is Vitamin E

Vitamin E (tocopherol) refers to fat-soluble compounds. These are chemicals that are not synthesized in the human body, and their natural sources are better absorbed if there is lipids (fats) in food. The main route of entry into the human body - with food. But it is not always possible to fully balance your daily diet, so that all the beneficial microelements are enough for the necessary life processes. Therefore, doctors often prescribe vitamin E in the form of capsules or injections. Without it, nowhere, many important and irreplaceable reactions in our cells pass only with his participation.

что такое витамин Е

  1. It contributes to the full absorption of vitamin A, while increasing its activity.
  2. Maintains the normal structure of cells, protecting their membranes (membranes).
  3. It is an active antioxidant.
  4. It protects the body from hypoxia, affecting cellular respiration.
  5. Participates in the formation of heme, many proteins, hormones and the development of the placenta.

Therefore, it is recommended to prescribe vitamin E during pregnancy, with the beginning of acute infectious diseases, young children. The daily dose of vitamin E varies depending indications.

Indications for Vitamin E

Drugs containing vitamin E are prescribed for many diseases and temporary physiological conditions. In medicine, there is no area in which tocopherols would not be used.

  1. показания к применению витамина E With degenerative changes in skeletal muscles, heart, hypotrophy (impaired development and nutrition of these systems, which leads to a weakening of their functions).
  2. In neurology, in violation of gait.
  3. Gynecologists prescribe during pregnancy and at risk of spontaneous abortions.
  4. It is used if permeability and capillary fragility is increased.
  5. Dermatologists actively recommend a remedy for dermatitis and psoriasis.
  6. Apply with liver disease, impaired potency.

где содержится витамин E The daily intake of vitamin E for children of different years of life can be from 3 to 15 mg, depending on age. In an adult healthy person, this figure is 15 mg. Pregnant women should consume a large dose of vitamin a day - 20 mg. Some sources have data in IU (metabolic units), 20 mg corresponds to 30 IU. In many diseases of the nervous and muscular systems, from 100 to 300 mg of tocopherol is prescribed per day.

To ensure the daily need of the body for such a substance, it is necessary to add foods in which there is vitamin E to the diet:

  • peas, beans;
  • vegetable oils (sunflower, peanut, sea buckthorn);
  • young sprouts of cereals - sprouted wheat;
  • meat, eggs and milk.

Normally, it is not always enough with food, so an overabundance of vitamin E can only happen with the use of synthetic drugs.

Even a double dose of preparations containing vitamin E will not cause an unusual reaction of the body. More often, its excess and poisoning of the body occurs with the intramuscular administration of large doses. When one gram of vitamin E is ingested at one time, the following symptoms of an overdose will appear.

  1. симптомы передозировки витамином E

    The most common adverse effect is an allergic reaction. It may be in the form of urticaria or local edema when the drug is administered intramuscularly.

  2. In pediatrics, vitamin D is used in hypervitaminosis. Improper or excessive administration of drugs containing tocopherol in complex treatment will subsequently lead to a decrease in calcium levels.
  3. In large quantities, the substance affects the blood cells, reducing the number of platelets and leukocytes. This symptom may occur when a child has an overdose of vitamin E. Another serious complication is sepsis (blood poisoning) if the drug is used in premature babies.
  4. The excess inhibits the work of liver cells and kidneys, which may not be immediately noticeable. A person is worried about weakness, a sharp decrease in efficiency. Therefore, with long-term use of tocopherols for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended to regularly take a biochemical blood test for control.
  5. симптомы передозировки витамином E фото Intramuscular administration can also lead to some complications: the appearance of redness or the development of calcifications at the injection site.
  6. Symptoms of an overdose of vitamin E include diseases of the digestive system: enterocolitis (inflammation in the small and large intestines), enlarged liver, the appearance of fluid in the abdominal cavity (ascites).
  7. The excess amount of the drug affects the integrity of the vascular wall, so there may be hemorrhages in the retina, in severe cases in the brain.
  8. Tocopherol increases blood pressure.

Correction of excess vitamin E

коррекция избытка витамина E This rarely happens, because they usually treat a lack of tocopherol. Vitamin E hypervitaminosis can occur after intramuscular injection or when accidental use of a substance is greater than the prescribed dose. How to treat this condition?

  1. Canceling the drug.
  2. There is no specific antidote, therefore, symptomatic therapy is prescribed: intravenous administration of plasma substituting solutions, reduction of pressure, hepatoprotectors protecting liver cells are prescribed.
  3. In difficult situations, a person is hospitalized in an intensive care unit.

An overdose of vitamin E in pregnancy, in childhood and in sick people happens most often through negligence. To avoid this, it is necessary to be attentive, to select the drugs after consulting with a doctor and passing a full examination. The appearance of the first signs of tocopherol poisoning is an indication for contacting the clinic at the place of residence or hospital.