The section on botulism poisoning - what products can it be in, preventive measures, how to treat, first aid.

Signs of botulism in canned mushroom, how to avoid poisoning.

How to distinguish the fish infected with botulism and avoid poisoning.

Description of the types of prevention of botulism - planned, vaccination, emergency.

Does botulism happen in jam and where it can come from.

Why there is botulism in cucumbers, signs of poisoning, how to deal with it.

Whether botulinum clostridia die when boiling, at what temperature.

Complications of botulism due to poisoning and from the addition of a secondary infection.

By what signs can you determine the presence of botulinum toxin in canned goods?

How is botulism manifested in humans, possible post-illness complications.

Causes of botulism poisoning, symptoms, treatment, prevention.