Help after poisoning

In this section, we are talking about help after poisoning, how to restore the body after intoxication.

Description of the technique of performing artificial respiration and indirect heart massage.

Causes of stomach pain after poisoning, what to do, how to treat.

What is the benefit of chicken broth, why it is recommended for poisoning, a recipe.

Instructions on how to provide first aid for various types of poisoning.

Vomiting in a child: what to do at home, first aid and traditional medicine.

Principles of nutrition in food, alcohol, intestinal poisoning.

Description of the recovery of the intestine with the help of drugs, diet products.

What to feed children after poisoning, a list of products, how to cook, mode.

Description of the techniques of staging different types of enemas at home, including the child.

What you can and can not eat a child after vomiting than to feed with diarrhea.

Whether to bring down the temperature in food poisoning, how to treat.

What foods you can eat and what you can not after poisoning.

What products will be useful in case of poisoning, and which ones should be abandoned.

What to do if the child is poisoned, a description of first aid and what needs to be done first of all ...

Is it possible to wash the stomach by yourself, who needs a hospital, washing technique.