What type of radiation is most dangerous for humans?

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electromagnetic radiation

The realities of our time are such that new factors are increasingly invading the natural habitat of people. One of which are various types of electromagnetic radiation.

Natural electromagnetic background always accompanied people. But its artificial component is constantly updated with new sources. The parameters of each of them differ in the power and nature of radiation, wavelength, and the degree of impact on health. What radiation is the most dangerous for a person?

How electromagnetic radiation affects humans

Electromagnetic radiation propagates in the air in the form of electromagnetic waves, which are a combination of electric and magnetic fields, changing according to a certain law. Depending on the frequency, it is conditionally divided into ranges.

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The processes of information transmission inside our body are of an electromagnetic nature. The arriving electromagnetic waves introduce misinformation into this mechanism debugged by nature, causing at first unhealthy states, and then pathological changes according to the principle “where it is thin there and breaks”. One has hypertension, the other has arrhythmia, the third has a hormonal imbalance and so on.

The mechanism of radiation on organs and tissues

действие излучения на органы и ткани What is the mechanism of action of radiation on human organs and tissues? At frequencies below 10 Hz, the human body behaves like a conductor. The nervous system is especially sensitive to conduction currents. With a slight increase in the temperature of the tissues, the heat transfer mechanism functioning in the body perfectly copes.

The electromagnetic fields of high frequency are another matter. Their biological effect is expressed in a marked increase in the temperature of the irradiated tissues, causing reversible and irreversible changes in the body.

A person who has received a dose of microwave irradiation of more than 50 micro-roentgens per hour can cause disturbances at the cellular level:

  • stillborn children;
  • violations in the activities of various body systems;
  • acute and chronic diseases.

What type of radiation has the highest penetrating power

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What is the range of electromagnetic radiation is the most dangerous? It's not so simple. The process of radiation and energy absorption occurs in the form of certain portions - quanta. The shorter the wavelength, the more energy its quanta possess and the more trouble it can mess up when it enters the human body.

The most "energetic" quanta in hard X-rays and gamma rays. All the cunning of short-wave radiation is that we do not feel the radiation itself, but only feel the consequences of their harmful effects, which largely depend on the depth of their penetration into human tissues and organs.

What kind of radiation has the highest penetrating power? Of course, this radiation with a minimum wavelength, that is:

  • X-ray
  • and gamma radiation.

It is the quanta of these radiations that have the greatest penetrating power and the most dangerous, they ionize atoms. As a result, there is a possibility of hereditary mutations, even with low doses of radiation.

If we talk about X-rays, then one-time doses during medical examinations are very small, and the maximum allowable dose accumulated over a lifetime should not exceed 32 X-rays. To obtain such a dose, you will need hundreds of X-rays taken at short intervals of time.

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gamma radiation

What can be the source of gamma radiation? As a rule, it occurs during the decay of radioactive elements.

The hard part of ultraviolet can not only ionize molecules, but also cause a very serious damage to the retina. And, in general, the human eye is most sensitive to the wavelengths corresponding to the light-green color. They correspond to the wave 555-565 nm. At dusk, the sensitivity of vision shifts towards shorter - 500 nm blue waves. This is due to the large number of photoreceptors that perceive these wavelengths.

But the most serious damage to the organs of vision causes laser radiation in the visible range.

How to reduce the risk of excess radiation in the apartment

And yet, what radiation is the most dangerous for humans?

излучение в доме There is no doubt that gamma radiation is very "unfriendly" refers to the human body. But more low-frequency electromagnetic waves can cause harm to health. Emergency or planned power outages disrupt our life and work as usual. All the electronic “stuffing” of our apartments becomes useless, and we, having lost the Internet, cellular communications, and television, are cut off from the world.

The entire arsenal of electrical appliances to some extent is a source of electromagnetic radiation, reducing immunity and impairing the functioning of the endocrine system.

A link was established between the remoteness of a person’s residence from high-voltage transmission lines and the occurrence of malignant tumors. Including childhood leukemia. These sad facts can go on to infinity. It is more important to develop certain skills in their operation:

  • when working with most household appliances, try to maintain a distance of 1 to 1.5 meters;
  • arrange them in different parts of the apartment;
  • Remember that an electric shaver, a harmless blender, a hair dryer, an electric toothbrush - create a fairly strong electromagnetic field, which is dangerous because of its proximity to the head.

How to check the level of electromagnetic smog in the apartment

проверка уровеня электромагнитного смога For these purposes, it would be good to have a special dosimeter.

For the radio frequency range, there is a safe dose of radiation. For Russia, it is defined as the energy flux density, and is measured in W / m² or µW / cm².

  1. For frequencies ranging from 3 Hz to 300 kHz, the radiation dose should not exceed 25 W / m².
  2. For frequencies ranging from 300 MHz to 30 GHz 10 - 100 µW / cm².

In different countries, the criteria for assessing the risk of radiation, as well as the values ​​used to quantify them, may differ.

In the absence of a dosimeter, there is a fairly simple and efficient way to check the level of electromagnetic radiation from your household appliances.

  1. Turn on all electrical appliances. Alternately approach each of them with a working radio.
  2. The level of noise arising in it (crash, squeak, noise) will tell which device is the source of stronger electromagnetic radiation.
  3. Repeat this manipulation near the walls. The level of interference will indicate here the most polluted places.

Maybe it makes sense to rearrange the furniture? In the modern world, our body, so it is exposed to excessive poisoning, so any action in defense against electromagnetic radiation is an indisputable plus in the treasury of your health.