How long does food poisoning last

пищевое отравление According to statistics, only 20% of people seek medical help for food poisoning. Meanwhile, according to the World Health Organization, the death of the disease occurs in one case out of a hundred.

How long does food poisoning last and what are the features of the course of the disease? What is dangerous toxicoinfection and in which cases it is necessary to consult a doctor?

Features of the course of food poisoning

Food poisoning occur according to the general scheme. The duration of the disease depends on the amount of poor-quality food and the effectiveness of therapeutic measures. Of course, of no small importance is the appearance of the pathogen or toxin. But it should be noted that approximately 45% of intoxications remain with an unexplained reason.

All food poisonings have similar clinical signs and a mechanism for the development of the disease. They are united by:

  • abrupt onset;
  • mass character;
  • all cases are related to the consumption of a single product;
  • the rapid course of the disease;
  • favorable outcome, with the exception of botulism.

It is believed that acute intoxications occur more easily and end more quickly than those whose symptoms develop more slowly. How long the poisoning lasts depends on many factors.

Light toxicoinfections

отравление Mild poisoning is accompanied by single vomiting and slight stool disorder. Body temperature remains within normal limits. This disease goes away in two or three days. The body is quickly released from toxic elements and digestion returns to normal.

For about two weeks after the disease, it is necessary to maintain the stomach and intestines, while maintaining a sparing diet and restoring the microflora of the intestinal tract.

Light degree can be caused by the use of unwashed fruits, substandard seafood, dairy and dairy products.

Severe poisoning

With botulism, salmonellosis, staphylococcus, intoxication with poisonous mushrooms, food toxicoinfections proceed very hard. Threatening symptoms are:

  • рвота indomitable vomiting;
  • persistent diarrhea or blood in the stool;
  • temperature 39 ° C and above;
  • nervous system disorders: convulsions, paralysis, visual disturbances, drooling;
  • drop in blood pressure, fainting;
  • suffocation;
  • changes in the quantity and quality of urine.

With such signs, you must immediately contact the hospital!

How long the temperature lasts for poisoning depends on the causative agent of the infection and the effectiveness of the treatment. If we are affected by Proteus or Staphylococcus, the temperature may not increase or it may take 1–2 days. With salmonellosis, this period can be delayed up to 3-5 days, and with mushroom poisoning, the temperature passes when cessation of vomiting and diarrhea stops.

With a favorable course of food poisoning microbial etiology pass on average for 7-10 days. How long intoxication lasts depends mainly on the degree of intestinal damage and the functioning of the liver as the main detoxification organ. If the liver is in good condition, then recovery is faster.

Factors complicating the course of poisoning

отравление пожилого человека Food poisoning in children and the elderly is more severe. According to statistics, about 75% of all fatal cases of the disease are children under 14 years of age. Also, the process of recovery in people suffering from severe chronic illnesses will be slower.

A major role in the process of intoxication is played by dehydration due to the loss of fluid with vomiting and diarrhea. Some toxins (for example, toadstools toxins) have a devastating effect on the liver cells, thereby triggering a difficult pathological process. The poison can already be removed from the body, and signs of intoxication continue to gain momentum. Therefore, in the compilation of the forecast, they are guided by the speed and dynamics of symptoms.

If diarrhea and vomiting develop abruptly, which then subsides, the disease will proceed easily and will pass in a few days. In the case when the symptoms appear after 6-24 hours after consuming the suspected products, and diarrhea, vomiting and other disorders only increase within a few hours - the disease will be difficult and treatment will be required for 10-14 days, plus another 2-4 weeks to restore the digestive system.

Food poisoning often begins suddenly. If symptoms appear abruptly, within a few hours after consuming a poisonous product and then subside, then the disease proceeds to a slight degree and will last 2–3 days. If adverse symptoms are manifested - indomitable diarrhea and vomiting, changes in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, an increase in body temperature above 39 ° C, then the poisoning will be difficult. Hospitalization and thorough treatment is necessary. Such poisoning will last 7–10 days, and another 2–4 weeks will be needed to restore impaired body functions.