Toxins and toxins test

In a healthy person, the body itself copes with the elimination of all toxins. But unfortunately, not all people eat properly and lead an active lifestyle. In addition, the organism of modern city dwellers is exposed to constant exposure to toxic substances - polluted air, water, food overloaded with chemical additives, frequent medication, alcohol. The lack of movement also plays its detrimental role in the excessive slagging of the body.

As a result of cleansing, the metabolism improves and the symptoms of intoxication disappear - headaches, weakness, lethargy, insomnia, or, conversely, constant drowsiness. After getting rid of the load of toxins, the load on the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys is reduced, the risk of gout and urolithiasis is reduced, and immunity is strengthened.

Take an online test and find out how much your body needs to be cleansed now.