How to treat bedbug bites on the human body

домашний клоп More than fifty thousand species of bugs inhabit the earth. In the climatic conditions of our country there are about a thousand. Not all of them are parasites - this sad glory belongs to insects from just one family. It annoys the human bedbug. He lives in houses and apartments. For the appearance in the home of these bloodsucking insects, unsanitary conditions are completely unnecessary - they can breed in both shelters and luxurious mansions.

What are the dangerous bites of bedbugs for humans, how to recognize the attack of these blood-sucking insects and which means are suitable for treatment?

Biology of bedbugs

The bed bug is a small bloodsucking insect. They live in hard to reach places - under the wallpaper, behind the plinth, in the crevices of the floor and furniture. Insects settle in numerous colonies. Sometimes the presence of parasites in the room can be identified by a characteristic smell, similar to the smell of almonds or fermented raspberries.

биология клопов

The bug has a special piercing-sucking device, with which it pierces the skin on the host's body, injects its saliva and sucks blood. Because of the painkillers contained in saliva, a person does not feel bedbug bites. The parasite is well oriented on thermal radiation and is able to feel the jolts of blood in the vessels, so it pierces the skin in tender places near the capillary. When feeding, bloodsuckers move through the body and produce a series of bites from 3 to 5, therefore the puncture path is a characteristic symptom of a bedbug bite.

внешний вид клопа фото The process of feeding takes from three minutes to half an hour. For one feeding, the parasite sucks about 6 μL of blood from a person. This amount is enough for an insect to provide itself with food for 7–10 days, then the bloodsucker goes hunting again. The parasite feeds mostly at night, but with a large number of bugs in the room, they can be found during the day.

Females lay eggs from which larvae hatch under favorable conditions (heat, humidity). One female lays about 500 eggs in her life. Bedbug larvae should be fed daily. They are not yet able to inject saliva into the wound, therefore a person perceives their bites quite painfully.

What are the dangerous bites of bedbugs for a person?

Bedbugs can serve as carriers of such diseases:

  • tuberculosis;
  • plague;
  • anthrax;
  • smallpox.

As for infections transmitted through blood - HIV, hepatitis - it has been reliably proved: although bugs can be infected, they are not able to transmit the virus from one person to another.

Firstly, it is connected with the structure of the proboscis - the bug injects its saliva through one canal and sucks blood in another way. Secondly, in the oral parasite apparatus, the environment is unfavorable for viruses, therefore, the infectious agents die there. And, thirdly, these human viruses are simply not adapted for reproduction in the body of an insect.

Allergy to bedbug bites develops quite often, however, is local in nature. With regular skin lesions, allergic dermatitis may occur. The most common complication of the parasite is various inflammatory diseases of the skin that can be accompanied by infection of wounds and lead to pustules, eczema, and an increase in overall body temperature.

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How long do bedbug bites last? It depends on the care of the wound. In the absence of infection and without scratching, edema and redness disappear in 1–2 days.

Symptoms of a bedbug bite

Sometimes wounds from bedbugs can be confused with injuries that are caused by other blood-sucking insects - mosquitoes, midges, gadflies. Since the adult parasite bites themselves are painless, they are often mistaken for pimples and other irritations that appear on the skin, especially in children. In order to prevent such an error, you need to know about the features of damage to the skin by bedbugs.

Here's what the bug bites look like on a human body?

  1. Dot redness, swelling, sometimes in the center you can see a shot from prokus skin.
  2. Damage is located in the form of a track of 3-5 bites with a distance of 2 cm.

The presence of the track is a characteristic feature that allows to distinguish between the bites of the bug and the mosquito.

Subsequently, small whitish scars are formed at the bite sites. At infection of a wound from it secretions of mucous or purulent character follow. Perhaps a slight increase in body temperature.

Treatment of bedbug bites at home

If traces of bedbugs are found on the body, then it is not necessary to consult a doctor. Naturally, you need to take measures to destroy the parasites, but this is a topic for another conversation. Now consider how best to treat bedbug bites on the human body.

  1. лечение укусов клопов в домашних условиях In order to soothe the itching and wash away the toxins left on the skin, it is recommended to take a warm bath with baby soap.
  2. After treatment with water, the bite site is disinfected. It is best to use alcohol swabs for this purpose — they will both disinfect and cool damaged skin.
  3. To relieve itching, the bite is cooled by rubbing it with pieces of ice.
  4. To accelerate healing, apply antiseptic creams and ointments: "Bepanten", "Tsikaderma", "Vitaon".
  5. лечение при укусе клопа How to smear the bites of bedbugs with allergy symptoms? Pharmaceuticals with antihistamine components are suitable: Elidel, Psilo-Balsam, Fenistil.
  6. If there are signs of inflammation - severe redness, discharge from the wound - prescribe ointments with antibiotics and corticosteroids: "Streptomycin", "Sintomitsinovaya", "Erythromycin", "Hydrocortisone".

If signs of an allergic reaction develop, you can take a pill "Suprastin" or "Tavegila."

Treatment of bedbugs bites at home can be carried out using available tools or apply folk recipes based on the "green pharmacy".

Folk remedies for bedbug bites

Usually, discomfort and redness after an attack of bloodsuckers disappear within 10–12 hours. To relieve itching and relieve swelling, you can use homemade recipes. Here are some of the most effective folk remedies for bedbug bites.

  1. народные средства при укусе клопов Wipe the skin with a solution of table vinegar with water (1: 1).
  2. Put a cold compress from green or black tea.
  3. Lubricate the wound with aloe juice.
  4. Mint toothpaste is suitable for soothing the skin.
  5. Wipe the bite with ammonia diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.
  6. Attach the mush from the leaves of plants: plantain, wormwood, bird cherry, dandelion.
  7. Make a paste of drinking soda and attach to the bite.
  8. A good remedy for bedbug bites for the skin - decoctions of herbs. They rub irritated skin several times a day or make lotions. Chamomile, calendula, mint, and St. John's wort relieve pain and swelling.

Let's sum up. Bedbugs can live in any room, sometimes their stay remains unnoticeable for the hosts. They live in hard-to-reach places, and they mostly eat at night. Bedbug bites can be confused with rashes on the skin or mosquito bites. Moreover, parasites show selectivity in nutrition: most often they attack children and women who have delicate skin. But smokers and people who smell of alcohol, they bypass the party.

With a large accumulation of bedbugs, it is difficult to ignore them. In this case, they leave their shelters even in the afternoon, and the number of bites on the body of one person is 500 or more. What to do if bitten by a bug? The first step is to take measures for the disinsection of the room - the destruction of parasites. The bite itself must be washed with warm water and soap, then rubbed with an ice cube for 15 minutes to relieve the itch. You can also use one of the available tools: a paste of soda, a strong solution of tea or aloe juice. For severe edema and irritation, pharmaceutical ointments are used: “Fenistil”, “Vitaon”, “Elidel”, “Hydrocortisone” and others. Normally, itching and redness from a bug bite should pass in 12-24 hours, finally the traces disappear in a few days. If the process is delayed or signs of dermatitis appear - extensive skin lesions, persistent reddening, wounds discharge - it is better to consult a specialist.