Overdose energy drinks

банка энергетика в руках человека Energy - soft or low alcohol beverages, which have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. After the first drunk jar, a welcome relief and ability to work in an accelerated rhythm appears. This is a real salvation for a student, office worker, athlete, driver, night club visitor, as well as just tired people who want to improve the tone of their body. It seems to everyone that energy drinks are a modern invention. However, many of their constituent components have been used as a means of encouragement since ancient times.

But few people know that an overdose of energy drinks leads to a rapid depletion of the body's resources. Let's analyze this question in detail and find out energy drinks - is it harm or benefit to the body? What kind of symptoms will there be in case of an overdose by energetics and what first aid methods will be needed if necessary.

The composition of energy drinks

Power producers say that their drinks bring only benefits and come up with new tastes every day. What are the active ingredients of energy drinks?

энергетические напитки во льду

  1. Caffeine. This component is part of almost all power engineers. Affects the body as a stimulant.
  2. Taurine. One can of the drink contains 400–1000 mg of a substance. This sulfonic acid accumulates in the tissues of the muscles. It is used as a dietary supplement. He is credited with antioxidant properties. According to medical records, taurine has no effect on the body.
  3. L-carnitine. It is used to increase metabolism and reduce fatigue. It is worth noting that this substance is independently produced by the body in sufficient quantities.
  4. Guarana and ginseng are pharmaceutical plants with biostimulating, tonic effects.
  5. Vitamins of group B. They are used to activate metabolic processes.
  6. Melatonin to adjust the daily rhythms of the body, the regulation of the work of brain cells.
  7. Matein. Substance available in tea mate from South America. The extract of an ancient tree copes with the feeling of hunger and eliminates excess weight.

In addition, almost all energy sector highly carbonated and contain a huge amount of carbonic acid.

Tonic drinks were used in the early stages of the development of civilization. Ancient energy drinks belonged to stimulants of natural origin. As energy was used tea, herbs, coca leaves.

Modern energy drinks are of the following types:

  • банка энергетического напитка pleasure, containing alcohol;
  • sports - to improve the health of the body, replenish muscle energy and fluid loss during exercise;
  • energy stimulants with caffeine;
  • fortified energy drinks.

Harm energy on the human body

Many people think that the body's resources are replenished from the use of energy, while the harm of energy drinks on the human body due to excessive use has long been proven by scientists. Energetic stimulates the heart, nervous and endocrine systems. As a result of consumption, the body experiences stress and begins to work at double speed, throwing adrenaline into the blood. In this state, the resource of the internal organs is reduced, and the tone of the body increases.

  1. измерение артериального давления During the excess of the available dose - more than 2 jars with a volume of 250 ml per day, an overdose of energy drinks is observed, as a result of which the pressure and blood sugar level rises.
  2. In people with heart, liver, nervous system diseases, energy drinks cause the problems to get worse.
  3. Energetic does not provide energy, but opens the channels of the organism itself. A person does not use this energy from a jar, but consumes his own resources, which are exhausted with time. After 5–6 hours after drinking energy, a feeling of apathy, nervous overexcitement, fatigue appears.
  4. When constantly consumed caffeine appears depletion of the body. Over time, the person gets used to the dose and the body requires its increase. There is also an increased urination, which removes salt from the body in large quantities.
  5. Increasing the dose of vitamins B causes malfunction of the nervous system, weakness appears, and heartbeat increases.
  6. The content of taurine and glucuronolactone is 250 times the daily dose of amino acids. In combination with caffeine, they greatly deplete the body. Scientists are still exploring the effect of these substances on the body.
  7. The components of the energy industry negatively affect the walls of the stomach, which leads to ulcers and gastritis.

We must not forget that there are certain contraindications to the use of energy drinks:

  • беременная женщина consume more than 500 ml of energy per day;
  • they are prohibited for pregnant women;
  • children under 18;
  • To old people;
  • after intense load;
  • It is forbidden to drink energy drinks together with alcohol.

Symptoms of energy poisoning

After consuming the energy drink, the nervous system is agitated, the capacity for labor, vigor, and mood is increased. After the cessation of the stimulant, fatigue, irritation, depression come and the person begins to drink energy again, which is absolutely impossible to do.

From excessive consumption of energy drinks and exceeding the recommended daily, perhaps the appearance of the following symptoms of overdose:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • у девушки бессонница

    high blood pressure;

  • insomnia;
  • nervousness;
  • redness of the face;
  • stomach upset;
  • tremor, trembling in hands;
  • lack of coordination;
  • fever;
  • confusion and its loss.

Over time, with the frequent use of energetics, the nervous system is loosened, a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract appears. With frequent overdose, a person may experience a mental disorder. In rare cases, with a strong overdose of energy drinks, deaths from cardiac arrest were noted.

First aid for poisoning with energy drinks

женщина пьёт воду If, after drinking an energy drink, a person becomes ill, he needs first aid. In severe cases, you need to take the patient to a medical facility.

  1. To clear the stomach of the remnants of the drink, causing vomiting.
  2. Provide fresh air.
  3. Reception of sorbents and plentiful drink will help the body to clear faster.
  4. If a person has become very ill, has a rapid heartbeat, red face, high blood pressure, or has lost consciousness, then do not hesitate - call an ambulance.

You can consume energy drinks, but not on a regular basis, in recommended doses, when a person is completely healthy, has no contraindications and chronic diseases.