Is the electronic cigarette harmful to the body?

электронная сигарета фото In an environment where smoking in public places is increasingly limited, and tobacco prices are rising significantly, electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. Many believe that the harm from electronic cigarettes is much less than from ordinary ones. And a huge number of articles appeared in the network, proving that this type of smoking is not only harmless, but even useful in some way.

Let's see if these new smoking devices are harmful and whether they should be used as an alternative to tobacco.

The composition of the liquid for electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette was invented at the beginning of this century in Hong Kong. For about ten years, this newfangled invention has become incredibly popular among smokers. Many of them are not even interested in whether electronic cigarettes are harmful to health. Therefore, their market in the US and the EU shows an enviable growth, despite the fact that tobacco sales in the same region of the world are constantly declining. Russia is no exception, especially after the recent restrictions on smoking and raising the price of tobacco products.

электронная сигарета

But where is the harm? After all, burning while smoking does not occur - the device soars, but does not smoke. Let's take a closer look at what the smoking fluid consists of. It includes:

  • nicotine;
  • propylene glycol;
  • glycerol;
  • aromatic additives;
  • water.

At the same time, propylene glycol and glycerin are used to dissolve flavors and generate steam that mimics smoke.

What is more harmful than a regular cigarette or electronic

Many smokers are interested in whether it is more harmful - an electronic cigarette or a regular one.

What is the harm of a regular cigarette? In it, besides nicotine, resins resulting from the combustion of tobacco and paper are also dangerous. The composition of the resulting resins include:

  • aromatic hydrocarbons, of which benzopyrene is the most toxic;
  • вред от никотина nitrosamines;
  • aromatic amines;
  • pyrene;
  • complex phenols;
  • naphthols;
  • naphthalenes;
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

This is not a complete list of toxic chemical compounds that cause cancer. In addition, tobacco smoke contains:

  • carbon monoxide;
  • вещества, которые содержатся в никотине cyanogen;
  • ammonium;
  • isoprene;
  • acetaldehyde;
  • acetone;
  • nitrosodimethylamine and others.

The presence of a polonium radioactive element in tobacco smoke has also been proven.

All these elements, of course, are not in the e-cigarette fluid and inhaled vapor. The harm from the composition of the liquid for electronic cigarettes is much less.

However, although the harm from electronic cigarettes is much less, but they are unsafe. Why this is so, we will talk below, we will see all the components entering the body of the smoker along with the steam.

Nicotine harm in electronic cigarettes

Nicotine, a narcotic substance with a strong neurotrophic effect, is a part of both conventional and electronic cigarettes. Nicotine is extremely dangerous for humans - it is a poison to the vessels and the heart.

In addition, as mentioned above, nicotine is a drug and with repeated use causes physical and psychological dependence. Therefore, the feasibility of using it in a device that is supposedly created to quit smoking is very doubtful.

The amount of nicotine in individual “strong” varieties of smoking fluids can reach 25 mg per milliliter. If excessive use or misuse of such cigarettes can cause nicotine poisoning . Recall also that the lethal dose of nicotine for humans is about 100 mg.

Long-term use of nicotine can cause:

  • hyperglycemia (increase in serum glucose);
  • что может вызвать употребление никотина hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • tachycardia;
  • arrhythmia;
  • angina pectoris;
  • ischemic heart disease;
  • heart failure;
  • myocardial infarction.

Besides the fact that nicotine poisons the cardiovascular system, many questions are caused by the aromatic additives contained in smoking fluids. They differ from different manufacturers, and the lack of regulation and standards for the supervision of such products suggests the possible presence of carcinogens in their composition.

вреден ли глицерин в электронных сигаретах

Consumers think about the dangers of glycerol in electronic cigarettes. It is triatomic alcohol, sweet in taste. The substance is used in the food industry, in particular, it is added to some food products to increase their viscosity.

Glycerin itself has low toxicity. It is also not dangerous if inhaled vapor. However, in some cases, glycerin fumes can irritate the upper respiratory tract and cause allergies. In principle, this substance in the quantities used in this type of smoking is unlikely to cause any harm to a person.

Is propylene glycol harmful in electronic cigarettes?

The issue of the harm of propylene glycol in electronic cigarettes is also of interest to consumers of this innovative way of smoking. This substance is a nearly odorless, colorless, viscous liquid. It is a good solvent, and therefore used in the manufacture of medicines, as well as in the food industry. Adding propylene glycol to food as a stabilizer proves that it does not harm a person if not abused.

Propylene glycol is used in an electronic cigarette to dissolve flavors and irritate the upper respiratory tract. At high doses, propylene glycol inhibits the central nervous system and can cause kidney damage.

Is the electronic cigarette harmful to others?

вред электронной сигареты для окружающих
passive smoking - harm to others

In the world there is a practice of prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes in public places. So, does vapor from an e-cigarette harm others?

This pair does not contain carcinogens, carbon monoxide. However, it contains nicotine. And it does not differ at all from what is contained in traditional tobacco products.

If you smoke indoors, the air is saturated with nicotine. When other people are in such a room, they are forced to breathe this drug. And let his concentration in the air is not very high, but he still manages to act on people breathing it. After all, a safe amount of nicotine for humans does not exist. The harm from nicotine from electronic cigarettes is the same as from normal ones.

Is the electronic cigarette harmful to pregnant women?

Separate women, having learned about their pregnancy, cannot (or do not wish) to stop smoking. And in the electronic cigarette they find, in their opinion, a safer way of “delivering” nicotine to the blood.

However, electronic cigarettes are not so safe for women who are expecting a child. Note that nicotine and pregnancy, as well as the birth of a healthy, strong baby - things are absolutely not compatible. Even small doses of nicotine seriously harm the health of women and children. There is no, even theoretically minimal, dose of nicotine safe for humans. And even more so for a pregnant woman.

So the use of electronic cigarettes as a safe alternative to conventional tobacco during pregnancy is absolutely not acceptable.

Is electronic cigarette harmful to children?

электронная сигарета и дети фото

It would seem, what is the question here? After all, child smoking is absolutely not permissible, including the use of electronic devices. However, buyers of these products are interested in whether an electronic cigarette is harmful for children if they stay near smokers. The answer to this is only positive: after all, children will be forced to inhale nicotine. And the children's body is much more vulnerable to this drug poison than an adult.

Conclusion one - in no case can not use electronic cigarettes, if next to you child.

So, an electronic cigarette is clearly not as harmful as a regular one. In any case, a positive fact is the absence of burning. But also absolutely safe product - it is difficult to call it. The presence of nicotine in the drug, as well as the lack of standards for the production and supervision of this type of product, which can cause various impurities to get into the liquid, including toxic impurities, make using electronic cigarettes a very dubious alternative to tobacco. Smoking should be thrown, using special medicines, once and for all!