Is the radiation harmful from a wifi router?

влияние вай фая на человека A router, also known as a router, is a network device that allows you to choose the best direction for transferring data from a provider to computers, laptops and smartphones of users without wires.

The absence of a wired connection means the transmission of information through electromagnetic radiation. Since routers operate at ultra-high frequencies, the question is absolutely legitimate - is the radiation from a wifi router harmful? The results of some studies refute these fears, while others confirm. Consider the arguments of both sides.

Why radiation from a wifi router can be dangerous

The descriptive argument is not as weighty as the exact technical characteristics of the device in question. Therefore, we turn to numbers. Wifi router operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, and power of ordinary routers is ~ 100 µW. When this frequency affects the cells of the human body, there is a convergence and friction of water, fat and glucose molecules, accompanied by an increase in temperature.

Such frequencies are provided by nature for the exchange of intracellular information between organs and body systems. Prolonged, external effects on this range from wireless local area networks can introduce dysfunction in the process of cell growth and division.

вред wifi для человека

Harm of wifi radiation is compounded by the radius and speed of data transmission. An excellent illustration of this fact is the enormous speed of transmitting a large amount of information when downloading videos, photos and other data. In this case, the transmitting medium is air, and the carrier frequency is the mean wavelength range. And, since our cells are able to transmit and receive energy at different frequencies, the negative influence of the frequency range of the router is quite acceptable.

wifi в доме у человека Residents of apartment buildings may experience the impact of many routers installed in neighboring apartments. Brick walls and metal structures only partially reduce the radius of the router, but do not completely delay its radiation. Add to this wireless access points in offices, shopping centers, cafes. It becomes clear that a person is under the influence of radiation from a wifi router almost around the clock.

Moreover, many users do not turn off the wifi router even at night. Summarizing this information, we can conclude that our body is in constant struggle with this aggressive factor. Perhaps that is why even a night's sleep does not bring many people a full recuperation, and the immune system does not protect us well from many infections and viruses.

Is it really harmful wifi router

вред wifi роутера Of course, you have to pay for the convenience of wireless internet. But health is too high a price. And is the radiation from a wi-fi router dangerous?

To assess the effect of this radiation on the human body, a special parameter was introduced called the absolute optical power of radiation. The unit of measurement is 1 decibel-milliwatt (dBm). The average power of a mobile phone is 27 dBm, while the same value for a router is 20 dBm.

Further, the router is never located at as close as a mobile phone. Usually it is 1–2 meters. We do not forget that the radiation power decreases in direct proportion to the increase in the square of the distance to the "culprit" of the radiation.

How to reduce radiation from a wifi router

If somewhere in the subconscious there is still an alarm because of this radiation, you can try to reduce the radiation of the router. Each of the devices for this purpose provides for the adjustment of signal strength. Few people pay attention to this function, and almost all routers at all users, keeping the factory setting, are turned on at full capacity. By setting the transmitter power to 50, 25% or even 10%, you can very significantly reduce the radiation dose and coverage area.

как уменьшить излучение от wifi And, having traced this operation at neighbors, it is possible to reduce the level of radiation by tens and hundreds of times. Moreover, manufacturers to increase the number of sales often unreasonably overstate the power of these devices.

Is it possible to protect against the radiation of the router? Of course, the radiation of the router affects the person. But how great the damage Wi-Fi radiation unambiguous answer is no.

But there are such figures:

  • Wi-Fi signal intensity of the router is 100,000 times weaker than that of a microwave;
  • radiation from two routers and twenty laptops is equivalent to exposure from one mobile phone.

If these impressive comparisons did not reassure the most inveterate skeptic, the following simple rules will tell you how to protect yourself from wifi radiation:

  • install routers at a distance of at least 40 cm from your workplace, and especially not sleep next to the enabled router;
  • disable your access point if you do not intend to use the Internet;
  • Do not keep a laptop on your lap.

Electromagnetic Smog Protection Technologies

излучение от wifi
radiation from wifi routers

The background created by various sources of electromagnetic radiation is called electromagnetic smog. Naturally, attempts are being made to protect themselves immediately from all these pathological effects.

  1. Entrepreneurial manufacturers have launched a wallpaper that can shield Wi-Fi radiation from neighboring apartments. You can buy them through foreign online stores. However, this particular product will interfere with the transmission of the Internet to other rooms within the apartment.
  2. A new product has appeared on the wellness market - a functional body condition corrector (FSC). Among the vast range of products for this purpose, a carbon fiber thread is offered. The material for the creation of such blankets is a special bipolar fabric, capable of reflecting electromagnetic radiation from computers, wifi routers, phones and other household appliances.

To summarize - the above information is based on 4 parameters that allow us to give an objective assessment of whether a Wi-Fi router is harmful to health:

  • frequency;
  • power;
  • distance;
  • time.

Each of them works in favor of the theory of its negative impact.

And, although today there are no real facts that can confirm that it was the wifi network that caused this or that disease, the observance of security measures would be far from superfluous. Moreover, while humanity has no data on the effect of microwave radiation on the next generation.