Chemical poisoning

Chemistry has become firmly established in everyday life and it is now difficult to imagine that we do without plastic, metals, detergents and disinfectants that make our life comfortable. Chemistry eases our lives, but we cannot exclude poisoning with various chemicals everywhere around us. In this section we will talk about chemical poisoning, signs, symptoms, intoxication with them, what to do in case of poisoning, about preventive measures.

Symptoms of thallium poisoning, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and consequences.

What is it FOS, symptoms of poisoning with them, diagnosis, help, treatment.

Causes and symptoms of phenol poisoning, first aid, treatment.

What is the use of zinc, how can you get poisoning, symptoms, treatment.

Where phthalates are used, what harm to their health, how to protect themselves.

What kind of solvent can be poisoned - symptoms, help and treatment at the same time.

Is there any harm from boric acid, what to do in case of poisoning, help and treatment.

Causes, symptoms, first aid and treatment for arsenic poisoning.

What is dangerous to the health of asbestos, in which cases, preventive measures.

Poisoning with baking and caustic soda: symptoms, help, prevention.

What to do in case of poisoning with nitrates: symptoms, treatment, prevention.

Causes of copper poisoning, symptoms, first aid and treatment.

The danger of lead, where it is possible to poison them, symptoms, treatment and prevention.

What metals are dangerous, where you can poison them, first aid, treatment.

How it affects a person, symptoms and first aid for poisoning.