Mobile phone radiation

излучение от мобильного телефона Convenient, affordable cellular communication is an essential attribute of the life of the current generation. Mobile phones are used by children, adults and "deep" pensioners. But few people think that for the comfort of communication with the help of cellular devices we pay not only with money.

There is an opinion that mobile communication, being, along with a microwave oven, radio telephone and TV, a source of microwave radiation, has a negative effect on human health. Will we understand this, and how to minimize this harm without depriving ourselves of this magnificent gadget?

Why mobile phone is harmful

For cellular communications around the world use the microwave frequency range - from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. Let's find out in detail how specifically the radiation from a cell phone affects the human body.

Unlike other household appliances, the mobile phone is located very close to the brain and the eye at the time of work. Therefore, the negative impact of cellular phone radiation on the human body is incomparably greater than the impact of, say, a computer or TV.

The radiation generated by the mobile tube is absorbed by the head tissues — brain cells, retina, and all visual and auditory structures.

влияние мобильного излучения на человека

The more time the subscribers on both sides of the cellular communication conduct business or small talk, the more they heat their tissues from the effects of electromagnetic waves. The cumulative effect inherent in this radiation will, over time, adversely affect the functioning of all human organs and systems.

Our brain can be compared to a giant organic computer, inside which constantly undergoes complex bioelectric processes. The impact on them of a high-frequency external electromagnetic field cannot pass without consequences.

Irradiation takes place during the whole time of communication, since one frequency is generated by your mobile phone, and the other by the mobile device of your interlocutor. Moreover, the strongest signal, and accordingly the highest radiation power of a mobile phone, comes when a call is sent and received.

облучение во время разговора по мобильному телефону
exposure during a call

Special attention should be paid to the safety of children when they communicate with the cellular device. The immune system of children is in its infancy and the harm caused by microwave radiation can cause headaches, memory loss, sleep and wakefulness disorders, increased nervousness in the child.

To characterize the impact of radio emission from a mobile phone on a person, a special concept has been introduced - SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). This value is numerically equal to the radiation absorbed by the human body per 1 kilogram of its weight.

The unit of measurement is W / kg. In the European Union, a rate of 2 W / kg has been adopted.

At the time of establishing the SAR connection will be higher, because at this time, the mobile device is working with more power.

On the latest generation mobile devices, manufacturers necessarily warn users about the possible negative impact of their products and indicate the SAR value.

For visual indexing of microwave radiation, you can purchase a special sticker-indicator or independently assemble the device, according to one of the schemes, in a large number of suggested by amateur radio enthusiasts.

Mobile phone radiation protection

Experts in different parts of the world are studying the effect of cell phones. Information from them is often controversial. Most of them confirm the presence of harm from a mobile phone and offer ways to protect it from radiation.

защита от мобильного излучения German scientists tested the effects of mobile devices on people living with implanted pacemakers. Their conclusion is that it is not recommended to wear a mobile phone next to an implanted artificial pacemaker, especially to bring it closer when it is in active mode.

So what should be done to protect against mobile phone radiation? You must try to follow the following rules:

  • try to get a low-SAR device;
  • watch the signal level, if it is low enough, then the mobile phone is forced to increase the radiation power - in this case it is more reasonable to shorten the talk time;
  • being in a zone with poor coverage, try not to cover the antenna with your hand;
  • turn off the phone wherever the connection is known to be absent;
  • call, if possible, by the window;
  • защита от излучения
    stereo headset

    use a wired and wireless stereo headset - it will allow not to hold the device too close to the head;

  • when using the mobile Internet, the radiation is enhanced, so put the device on the table;
  • It is desirable to carry the phone in a case, but not on the belt, but on the leg (creatively and safely for the reproductive organs);
  • Replace active communication with SMS more often.

How to protect yourself from the radiation of a mobile phone will help and knowledge of the following nuances.

  1. At the top of the screen is the reception level indicator, that is, the microwave radiation of a mobile phone, in the form of several vertical bars. When all the stripes are highlighted, the conditions for reception are most favorable. Talk to your health. But do not forget to place the tube vertically, holding it by the bottom. When reducing the number of luminous stripes - go to the window, the reception conditions will improve, and the radiation power will decrease. Careful attention to the readings of this indicator will tell you how to check the radiation of the phone.
  2. Use the optimal mode of use, given that the amount of emitted microwave energy is reduced in the following order: subscriber call, Internet, SMS reception, conversation, various requests, standby mode.

Is the radiation from the cell tower harmful

Cellular towers (antennas) are radio transceivers through which communication with subscriber cellular phones is maintained. They are allowed for installation on any buildings, including residential buildings. Let's find out if the radiation from the cell tower is harmful.

вышки сотовой связи (антенны)
cell phone towers

For residents of the building on which such an antenna is installed, it does not pose any danger, since the radiation distribution pattern is directed horizontally. But even in the most “dangerous” 30-meter zone, the maximum value of radiation is less than the generally accepted standard in the European Union of 2 W / kg. And at a distance of 150 m from the tower, the radiation level is the same as in 2 m from a cell phone.

In addition, you must consider:

  • that the radiation is quenched in direct proportion to the square of the distance from the antenna;
  • window glass weakens the signal 2.5 times;
  • concrete wall - 32 times.

The available data suggest that radiation from cell towers does not cause any harm to health.

Rather, on the contrary, the closer such a facility is to the owner of the mobile device, the less signal strength needed to establish a connection and the harm from a mobile phone will be less significant.

The question of how to reduce radiation from the phone does not cease to excite the manufacturers of this technology and consumers. Although some psychologists believe that the degree of harm caused by microwave radiation of mobile phones directly depends on the suspiciousness of the owner of the device. It is possible that there is a psychological component in the negative impact of these radiations on a person. But the observance of the rules of operation and safety minimizes the negative impact of your mobile phone, if there is one.